Under The Mistletoe

When Morgan and her family get invited to a Christmas celebration party,she stumbles across Justin Bieber,the charming young boy of every girls dream,when things spark between the two,will it last forever? or was it just a Christmas holiday fling that erases all happy memories between the two,forever.


9. The Truth




''W-what do you mean,it isn't the first time?'' Justin asked cautiously,looking deep into my eyes.




''Nothing,it doesn't matter...hey,um...let's watch a movie.'' I replied.



*I shot up off the ground only to be pulled back down again,I looked at Justin and he just shook his head*



''You're not moving until you explain to me what you meant.'' Justin stated,grabbing my hand that was resting on the floor and giving it a reassuring squeeze.




''Well..he's just pushed me to the ground before..there's nothing to it.'' I shrugged.




''I know there is Morgan..you can trust me.'' Justin whispered stroking his thumb over our clasped hands.




''Well...I didn't think that much of it but he's slapped me once or twice before...and he tends to push me on the ground if he's mad,and on one occasion,he's punched me in the jaw.'' I timidly replied.






''He punched me-''






''Don't get angry,Jay...this has nothing to do with you.'' I whispered.




''It does when he's hurting my girl-my uh...one of my close friends.'' Justin stuttered.




''Your girl huh?'' I smirked,squeezing his hand once.



*A blush crept up on Justin's face as he lowered his head hiding his crimson cheeks*



''It slipped out...sorry.'' Justin muttered.



*I giggled and leaned over,I kissed his cheek before I sat back up,looking at the picture of Mia on the fireplace a couple of meters in front of me.*




''What was that for?'' Justin grinned,not looking up.



''Because you're cute.'' I giggled.



*A grin lit up on Justin's face as he slowly lifted his head up to look at me*




''So are you.'' Justin replied.




*I smiled just as Justin started to lean in,I leaned in aswel,slowly closing my eyes.*



He's going to kiss me....eek!



*I felt Justin's warm minty breath as his lips lightly brushed mine,suddenly the front door busted open causing me and Justin to jump a few feet away from each other*




''Oh,hello sweetie.'' Mom smiled,directing her glance at Justin.




''Hello,uh..Mrs.Blair.'' Justin smiled,giving my hand a small squeeze.




''Please,call me Maria.'' Mom smiled.




*Justin smiled nodding,I rolled my eyes and sunk down the wall*




Am I invisible or something?




''Oh sorry dear.'' 



Shit,did I say that out loud?



''Yes.'' Justin chuckled.



*I blushed and hid my face in my other hand,Justin laughed before reaching up and carefully taking my hand away from my face,I stuck my tongue out and looked over to my mom standing in the door way,her mouth hanging open*




''What?'' I laughed.



''Who done that to you?'' My mom persisted,walking forward.




''Done what?'' I followed her eyes to see her looking at my bruised arm.  ''Oh that..C-''




''Did Justin do that to you?'' She frowned,glancing at Justin.




*I quickly stood up,walking forward,Justin got up too and slowly walked behind me*




''No Ma'am..I would never do-''




''Shut up!'' She stated,she darted her eyes at me. ''I want an answer from Morgan.'' She continued.




''No! why the fuck would Justin do something like this?'' I yelled,throwing my arms out to the side.




''I don't know....hmm..maybe because he's the only other person here,and you wouldn't do it yourslef.'' She persisted.



''You're pathetic! Justin wouldn't even dream of doing something like that...to anyone!'' I retaliated.




''How dare you call me pathetic! I am your mother! you shall treat me with respect!'' She yelled.




*I scoffed and turned around to see Justin stood there awkwardly*




''As you can see...mom,Justin has a bruised stomach'' I replied lifting up Justin's shirt slowly. ''I don't think we would just sit here and punch each other..that's stupid...therefore your statement is invalid,therefore you can shut up now and get out.'' I spat,dropping Justin's shirt and turning back around.







''Get out!! you don't trust me or Justin when he's my best friend...so fuck off!'' I screamed,pushing her in the chest.



''I'm sorry...I just thought-'' 



''No! leave!'' 



*She sighed and walked into the kitchen*





''Oh,and mom....Callum did this to me and Justin..I love how you think he's the innocent one here,and you know Justin and you didn't even think twice about judging him.'' I spat,before dragging Justin up to my room.



*I opened the bedroom door and pulled Justin in,I shut the door behind me and paced the room running my hands through my hair,Justin sat on the bed and watched me*




''Morgan,stop walking.'' 




''I can't believe she thought you would do this to me! what the actual fuck?'' I yelled,pinching the bridge of my nose as I paced the room.




''Morgan...stop wa-''




''I mean,Isn't it obvious you wouldn't do something like this?'' 








''I can't believe I even dated that bastard! I can't fucking believe I let him walk all over me...what the fuck is my problem!?'' 







''He's so fucking controlling,how could  I not notice? I mean-''




''MORGAN!'' Justin screamed.



*I stopped pacing the room and looked over at him,he sighed and got up off the bed and walked over to me,placing his arms around my waist,I wrapped my arms around his neck*




''Everything's fine...just forget about what happened,I'm not bothered about what your mom said...If she knows that I wouldn't do that to you now,then it's completely fine...just calm down,alright?'' Justin whispered into my ear.




*I nodded and pulled away smiling at Justin's successful attempt to shut me up,he smiled back and pulled be back into the hug squeezing me against his body*



''Easy now buddy,I can't breathe.'' I struggled.




*Justin laughed and loosened his grip on me,but didn't let me go*




''Sorry beautiful.'' He murmured.



*I felt my cheeks turn crimson as I buried my head into Justin's neck,Justin smiled and kissed my hair once before stroking my back*








''OKAY,BYE.'' I shouted back.




*Justin pulled away from the hug and frowned at me*




''Where's your mom going?'' Justin asked.



''My parents have been invited to a Christmas party out of town tonight,strictly no kids,so they dropped off Mac and Mia around Faiths for the night,and they're staying in a hotel for the night.'' I shrugged.




''Aren't you going to Faiths?'' Justin frowned.



''No,I managed to talk them out of going there,so instead I have the house to myself for tonight,strictly no parties or alcohol.'' I rolled my eyes.




*Justin chuckled and walked over to the bed before sitting on the edge of it*




''Wanna stay the night?'' I asked sitting next to him.




''Sure,If that's okay.'' Justin smiled.




''It's fine...they don't give a shit what I do..let's get some candies and chips and find some movies to watch.'' I suggested,standing up.




*Justin got up and ran down the stairs,I laughed and walked down properly,Justin was already out of sight when I reached the bottom step,so I just walked into the kitchen and grabbed some pepsi from the fridge*

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