Under The Mistletoe

When Morgan and her family get invited to a Christmas celebration party,she stumbles across Justin Bieber,the charming young boy of every girls dream,when things spark between the two,will it last forever? or was it just a Christmas holiday fling that erases all happy memories between the two,forever.


7. Smoothies and Movies



*We carefully trudged down the road,careful of the ice blanketing the concrete,Morgan holding onto my hand the whole time*



Morgan's hand in mine feels so right.



''This is nice.'' 



''Y-yeah...but uhm..you're gripping onto my hand really tight.'' Morgan giggled nervously.




''Do you wan't to slip over and fall on your ass? ...right,sorry.'' I chuckled before loosening my grip on her.




''N-'' Morgan slipped and dropped to the floor.




*Before she hit the floor I grabbed her in my  arms and spun her around,as her feet dragged on the floor*



''Face it Morgs,I'm here to catch you if you fall...blatantly.'' I laughed.




''Oh,shut up! I slipped on pure ice,I'm not even clumsy.'' She frowned standing back up.




''Prove it,walk in a straight line without slipping or falling over.'' I smirked crossing my arms.




This will be interesting.




''Fine.'' She muttered stepping forward and taking her first few steps forward.




*She walked in a straight line without falling over as I followed behind*




''See! I can-''



*Morgan slipped again,falling into a pile of snow,I walked over to her and helped her up,trying to keep in my laughter*




''You can laugh..'' She muttered,brushing the snow off her jeans.




*I burst out laughing,clutching at my sides from the pain it made from keeping in a eruption of laughter*




''Alright,alright that's enough..'' She rolled her eyes walking ahead.



''Hey,Morgs....next time you trip,send me a postcard.'' I sniggered tickling her waist.




''Ha,ha...very funny.'' She giggled.




''Must be if your giggling.'' I smirked taking a step forward to walk in time with her.




''Shut it,Bieber...let's just get to the mall without any arguments,alright?'' 




''They weren't arguments,it was banter..Morgs...there's a difference,sweetheart.'' I smirked.
















''False,I haven't dated in over a year...therefore I'm not a manwhore.''

















''That's enough now...'' Morgan giggled as we entered  the mall entrance.




''I think so too,let's go to Sally's Smoothies,I've heard there new Blackcurrant and Raspberry Smoothies are great.'' I smiled grabbing ahold of Morgan's hand again.







*We entered Sally's Smoothies and sat at a booth.*




''What are you getting?'' I asked.




*She shrugged looking down*








''What why?'' 




''I don't want anything.'' 




''It kinda defeats the object...I'll pay if  you want,I don't mind.'' I shrugged.




''No,I'm fine...honestly..I didn't bring my money anyways,so I can't pay you back,It's fine.'' Morgan smiled reassuringly.




I'm not buying it...she's thirsty.




''Too bad I'm buying you one then,and you don't have to pay be back.'' 




''Justin! no,I'm fine..it's okay.'' 




''No,I'm already ordering it..look.'' I smirked shooting up from my side of the booth and running up to the counter.




*I heard  Morgan huff as I turned around to order the drinks*




''Hello,sir..Is there anything I can help you with?'' 




''Yes,uhm..can we have two Raspberry and Blackcurrant Smoothies please?'' 




''Sure,I'll deliver them to your table,please take a seat sir.'' 




''Okay,thanks.'' I smiled before turning around and sitting back in the booth.





''That's not funny Justin,I hate it when people pay for me,It's like they think I don't have money for myself.'' She muttered staring at her phone on the table.





''I don't think that..so It won't matter...just please drink it,for me?'' 





''Fine.'' She muttered after moments of silence.




*She took one big mouthful of her Smoothie and immediately facepalmed herself,squinting her eyes closed,I laughed*




''OW,OW OWWW.'' She mumbled.




''What?'' I chuckled.





''B-Brainfreeeeze.'' She whined.




''You're so adorable.'' I laughed




Shit that wasn't supposed to slip.




''Shut uppp...I can't even feel my face,it's so cooold.'' She mumbled.




I laughed.




''It's freaking Winter and you decide to have a nice cold Smoothie at Sally's...are you for real?'' She frowned crossing her arms once she swallowed her mouthful of smoothie.




''Yeah,don't judge.'' I simply replied before standing up and pulling her up with me.




''Where are we going?'' 




''Starbucks...clearly this isn't helping us get warm.'' 




''No,I'm not wasting any more of your money...let's just go to mine and watch some movies..get some hot cocoa's and popcorn..alright?'' Morgan asked dumping her smoothie in the bin.




''No.I'm getting starbucks.'' 




''No,were going home.'' 












''Fine,only on one condition.'' I smirked.







''We cuddle.'' 




''Fine...now get your ass outside.'' Morgan mumbled as she pushed me outside.




''Yes.'' I muttered under my breath.




''I heard that.'' Morgan giggled.








*We walked outside and made our way back to Morgan's*




********30 minutes later**********




''It's just that house up there.'' 




''Woah..thats huge,but why is it the only house?'' 




''I reckon a giant picked up our house one day from a neighbour hood and dropped us at a random location at the top of a cliff,but that's just me.'' Morgan giggled.




''Vivid imagination.'' I chuckled.




''Shut up,it's a pretty decent explanation to be honest,unless you have anything better.'' 





''Uh...maybe your house is haunted and all the other houses are new,so they decided to stay away from your house because they know you live here.'' 




''And what's wrong with me? huh?'' Morgan frowned.




''Oh..just that you're annoying and stubborn.'' I joked.





''Is that how it is? huh? fine bitch..I'm out.'' She raised her eyebrows walking ahead.




''No! no wait!'' I laughed 




''Fuck you,Justin.'' She yelled.




*I laughed and ran up behind her grabbing her by the waist and spinning her around*




''I'm sorry..I didn't mean it.'' I whispered into her ear.




''Sure you didn't,Weiner face.'' Morgan muttered trying to get out of my grasp.




''Are you trying to start the name war again? because we all know I'd win.'' 




''Pfft,no I would win.'' 




''Yeah,because calling me a carrot is simply so insulting that you won the argument.'' I replied sarcastically.




''Shut up you smartass.'' 




''Just saying.'' 




''Well don't,we all know you're good at comebacks.'' She muttered.




''So are you,I just didn't think that calling someone a carrot is really insulting,unless you're orange,which I'm not...So.'' 




''Whatever,Bieber..let's go inside,I'm cold as fuck.'' Morgan said pulling me along by the hand.





''Aight Shawty,lead the way.'' 




*We entered the house and settled on the couch with Hot cocoa and popcorn cuddling as we watched endless amounts of films until late*




Nobody's POV:



But what Justin and Morgan didn't know is they were seen entering the house that cold winter night,and the witness wasn't too pleased that they were walking close and flirting with each other,and let's just say...this night's about to get a whole lot worse.
























Stay beautiful



Peace,love and rubber gloves

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