Under The Mistletoe

When Morgan and her family get invited to a Christmas celebration party,she stumbles across Justin Bieber,the charming young boy of every girls dream,when things spark between the two,will it last forever? or was it just a Christmas holiday fling that erases all happy memories between the two,forever.


15. New years Eve *Last chapter*



Morgan's POV:


''Why? why do I need to go?'' I barked,falling back onto my warm bed which I spent the last 12 hours in.


''Because you need to make up with Justin,ever since Christmas day you have been horrible,snapping at your brother for no reason and hardly coming out your room only for food,this has to stop,I'm sick and tired of telling Pattie that you're ill so you can't talk to Justin..I'm sick and tired of it Morgan,sort thing's out.'' 



''I don't want to mom,he hurt me.'' I whispered,trying not to break down as the horrible events from Christmas day ran through my mind.




''Well it's new years eve,and you're not staying here,honey,I'm not doing this to punish you,Justin is a lovely boy and he clearly cares enough about you to try and make amends with you,let him back in.'' 



''No,I've built up a wall around my heart now,I've been broken too many times..I'm not letting it happen again.'' I hissed,small salty tears escaping my eyes and sliding down my cheeks.



''Listen to me Morgan,and listen to me good...us Blairs were made to be strong,and right now your not showing us that,even if you don't want to be bestfriends with Justin again,you can't do this...Pattie is now a close friend of mine and you can't live your life avoiding Justin over some stupid mistake he made,he's human too Morgan,think about Callum,he hurt you so many times but you still came back to him,Justin hurts you once and you walk out on him,something up.'' 



I just shook my head and got up from my bed,I walked into my bathroom and slammed the door before locking it,I walked over to the mirror and looked at my appearance.



I look like I haven't heard of sleep,my eyes were all droopy and red.



I growled and walked over to my bath,I began to run hot water through the taps,making sure that the water was high enough,just how I like it.



I added some lush bath bombs and stripped out of my pj's I was sporting all day,I stepped into the bath immediately feeling relaxed.



*40 minutes later*



I walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped tightly around me,I walked into my yankee candle scented room and grabbed my underwear,I pulled them on and then found a dress to wear for tonight.


Morgan's Outfit:



I smiled triumphantly as the bags from under my eyes disappeared.



Pampering yourself once in a while does you wanders..



I grabbed my iPhone 4s off the bed and walked downstairs to see the whole family stood by the door.



I bit my lip in anticipation as all their heads turned around to look at me descend the stairs.



''Beautiful,absolutely stunning.'' My mom breathed.



Macauley wolf whistled causing me to laugh and nearly loose my balance.



I steadied myself and walked the rest of the way down stairs. ''Perdddy!'' Daisy screamed,running up to me and hugging my legs.



I giggled and picked her up,I kissed her forehead and spinned around once with her in my arms. ''WOOO!'' She yelled,holding up her arms.



I rolled my eyes,smiling at my cute little sister.



''Let's go.'' My dad replied,piling all of us out the door.



''Can we PLEASE take the car this time?'' Mac asked,dragging his vans over the icy pavement.



''Don't be so lazy.'' I chuckled,swatting his head.



''HEY! no fighting you two..and yes,we may.'' My mom replied,opening the car and setting Daisy into the booster seat.





I chattered my teeth as I sat silently behind a tree in the background,desperately trying to avoid any attention from any stupid and annoying guest.



I effortlessly picked at the rim of my dress as I wiggled my feet,I rested my head on the back of the tree and looked at all the bushes in front of me.


Not once tonight have I been approached by anyone,I've been on my own for the past 3 hours.





I rolled my eyes.



Looks like I'm spending the last 10 minutes of this year on my own..



I suddenly got interrupted as the footsteps of someone came closer and closer to where I was sitting.



''Morgan?'' They whispered.



I knew exactly who that voice belongs to.



Suddenly thousands of emotions rushed inside my body and I found it hard to keep the tears in.


Justin sat down next to me,only leaving a couple of gaps between us,after a few short moments I felt Justin's brown eyes on my blue ones,I turned away just as Justin began to speak.


''There's not one day that's went by where I haven't regretted giving you that book,I'm so sorry,I was a complete jackass and I hate myself for being suck a dick to the only girl I care about,you mean everything to me and all I want is for us to be okay again.'' Justin sighed,handing over a box.



I frowned and looked down,hesitantly reaching for the box and placing it in my lap. ''What's this?''



''Your Christmas gifts.'' Justin replied nervously.


''Christmas has gone,Justin.'' I replied,handing him back the box.



''I know,but I needed to make up for the disgusting present I got you.'' He shrugged slightly.



I slowly opened the box,a gasp immediately slipping my lips as I peered into the box full of goodies. I take out Justin's old hoodie and lean into the sleeve,immediatley feeling warmth raiate off it.



''I sprayed that with my cologne,I know you love the smell of that.'' Justin chuckled.



I looked over at him and his smile instantly dropped.



I place the black varsity jacket over my dress and smile,instantly feeling my cheeks heat up.



Justin tucked his hand into the box and brought out a Pandora bracelet,he grabbed my wrist and slid the bracelet on,before he brought my hand up to his lips and kissed it.



I felt my cheeks burn up as I quickly looked away.



''Each charm represents something in our friendship.'' Justin whispered,biting his lip in anticipation as I looked back into the box and saw a pair of wine chachi momma pants.



I looked over at Justin in disbelief. ''This is way too much.''



''No,I owe it to you,and besides..I love spending my money on important people in my life.''



I smiled and looked over to the guitar that was placed next to Justin's side as he absentmindedly fiddled with the strings,plucking them lightly.



''What's that for?'' 



''I uh,I-I also wrote you a song.'' 



''Justin you didn't have to do that.'' I blushed,hiding my face in the sleeves of the jacket.



Justin merely ignored me. ''It's called 'All I want is you.'' Justin replied nervously,strumming random chords on the guitar.



I bit my lip as Justin began to strum acoustically to a song I've never heard before.



'Sittin' here

All alone, watchin' the snow fall
Lookin' back
At the days, when we threw them snowballs
I can't believe, I'm putting the tree up by myself
I need you, and nobody else
And I'm sorry, if I pushed you away
Cause I need you here and I want for you to know 

And I don't care
If I don't get anything all I need is you here right now
And I'm sorry
If I hurt you
But I know that all I want is you
This Christmas
This Christmas
This Christmas

All I want is you
This Christmas
This Christmas
This Christmas
All I want is you this Christmas

I never wanna do this alone
Baby I just need you to be here
Here through the holidays 
I just wanna know if you feel the same way
Because I'm lonely baby 
Want you to hold me baby
And I'm sorry, if I pushed you away
I just want you know I miss you 
And I want you to stay

And I don't care 
If I don't get 
Anything all I need is you here right now

And I'm sorry 
If I hurt you 
But I know that 
All I want is you
This Christmas 
This Christmas 
This Christmas 

All I want is you
This Christmas 
This Christmas 
This Christmas 
All I want is you this Christmas

Wrapping gifts without you babe
It's like mid December and there's no cold 
I can't do this on my own 
I've changed my ways 
Keep running back and forth again 
I'm here to stay 

And I don't care 
If I don't get 
All I need is you here right now
And I'm sorry 
If I hurt you 
But I know that 
All I want is you
This Christmas 
This Christmas 
This Christmas 

All I want is you
This Christmas
This Christmas 
This Christmas 

All I want is you this Christmas 
All I want is you this Christmas
All I want is you this Christmas'' Justin sang whilst I admired the way his lips spelled out the meaningful words and how his hair moved slightly due to the winds.



His outfit was perfect tonight..



Justin's outfit:


For once in my life I was lost for words.



''Please say something,anything.'' Justin pleaded,putting the guitar down and shuffling closer,peering at my tear stained face.



''That was perfect,Justin.'' I whispered,tears slowly abseiling down my warm cheeks. ''Thank you.'' 



''Again,I'm sorry and I never meant to hurt you,I want you and nobody else,and I'm sorry I pushed you away but I miss you Morgan....and- I love you.'' 



''I love you too.'' I giggled nervously,wiping my eyes with the sleeve of the jacket.



''Why don't-wait...what?'' Justin asked,a frown forming on his cold gaze.



''I said I love you too.'' I giggled.



I watched as Justin tried to contain himself,It looked like he was about to lift off the ground and fly away from all the happiness radiating off his flawless skin.









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