Under The Mistletoe

When Morgan and her family get invited to a Christmas celebration party,she stumbles across Justin Bieber,the charming young boy of every girls dream,when things spark between the two,will it last forever? or was it just a Christmas holiday fling that erases all happy memories between the two,forever.


16. New years Eve *Last chapter* Part 2


part 2


''This isn't some sick joke is it?'' Justin asked,stuttering on his words as he crossed his fingers tightly in his lap.



I giggled. ''No.'' 




''So you finally like me back.'' 



''Finally.'' I smiled.



Justin smiled just as the song 'Christmas (baby please come home) by Michael Buble came blasting through the speakers in the back yard.


''I can't believe Faith hired out a DJ for tonight,that's tight.'' Justin chuckled,taking my hand and leading me to an empty space on the band stage that was conveniently placed in the middle of the huge back yard.


Justin held onto my hand tight as he pulled me up the  slippery steps.



He walked me to the middle of the band stage and began to dance,unaware of the mistletoe hanging above our heads.






Justin chuckled and placed his hands on my waist as I placed my hands around his neck,we began to sway to the music,looking deep into each others eyes.



''I'm so glad were okay again,I couldn't sleep for the past week thinking about what I did,it was horrible.'' Justin sighed.



''Well you've got me back now and I'm not going anywhere.'' I smiled meaningfully.



Suddenly the song ended and people started to chant.






Justin looked at me and smiled genuinely for the first time since before Christmas.



''You ready for the new year?'' Justin asked.



''More like is the new year ready for us.'' I smirked.



Justin laughed and his smile soon faded once he realised what he needed to do in the short space of 5 seconds.






''Kiss me.'' Justin whispered before he leaned in and planted his lips onto mine,just as cheers and fireworks erupted in the sky as people chanted ''HAPPY NEW YEAR!''




This felt like something out of a movie....




'Live my life' by Far East Movement and an unknown artist (justin;)) began to play,causing people to bounce to the catchy tune.



Finally after what felt like days,we both broke apart,huge grins plastered on both of our faces as we looked into the depths of each others eyes in awe.




''I love you,Morgan Paige.'' Justin smiled,placing a kiss on the tip of my nose.



''I love you Justin Drew.'' I giggled.



Justin chuckled before a smirk formed on his face. ''You know what we just did?'' 






''We broke the world record for the longest kiss.'' Justin grinned.



''What do you mean?'' 



''We kissed for a whole year.'' Justin laughed,squeezing my waist teasingly.



''Never thought of it that way.''



''Yeah cause you were too busy thinking about my luscious lips on yours.'' Justin sniggered.





I rolled my eyes and slapped his shoulder,Justin pouted and pulled me in for a hug.



''I'm kidding.'' Justin chuckled.






Justin just smirked and kissed my neck once.




''Be mine?'' He whispered into my ear.



''Was that a question or a demand?'' I chuckled,leaning up and kissing his lips quickly.



''Demand...............just kidding.'' Justin sniggered.



''Idiot.'' I giggled,leaning my head on Justin's chest.



''So...what do you say to being my gorgeous girlfriend?''



''I don't know...what do I say?'' 



''Yes?'' Justin asked,pulling me away from his chest to look into my marine blue orbs.



''Then I might just have to agree with you there.'' I whispered,leaning up and placing a tender kiss on Justin's lips.



''Baby you don't understand how happy you've made me today.'' Justin sighed in relief,gripping me tighter. ''This is the best day ever.'' 




I smiled and closed my eyes,enjoying the special moment.



I frowned when I felt a tear drop onto my hair,I looked up to see Justin's watery eyes as he looked out into the yard.



''Justin why are you crying?'' I giggled,reaching up and wiping away his tears.



Justin's gaze switched to mine and he slowly began to smile.



''Because I'm so so happy,we went from enemies to lovers in a space of an hour,I-I'm just so lucky to have you...these are happy tears.'' Justin replied,rubbing my back as more tears fell from his brown orbs.



''Stop,your going to make me cry too,I don't want to ruin my makeup.'' I whispered,placing my hands over my face.



Justin grabbed my hands and pulled them away. ''You'll look flawless even with mascara down your cheeks.'' Justin chuckled,placing a kiss to my forehead.



I smiled and then zoned out as I heard another song come on.



I looked up at Justin to see him using the same facial expression.



''Are you thinking what I'm thinking?'' I asked.



''It's the song that was playing when we first met.'' Justin grinned,reaching up and stroking the side of my face with his thumb. ''Find your love by Drake.'' Justin whispered,pressing his lips into mine as the words of the song sunk into my head.




'I'm more than just an option..


Refuse to be forgotten...


I took a chance with my heart..



And I feel it taking over...


I'm more than just a number..


I doubt you'll find another..



So every single summer..




I be the one that you remember..'



I looked up at Justin and giggled. ''Noticed how this song fits our situation?''



''Yeah,its like this song was destined for us,It was playing before I even got your name.'' Justin chuckled,reaching down and kissing my forehead.



''I mean,but even the lyrics fit our story...I used you as an option and you did everything you could to get me but I was being an oblivious bitch and thought I loved an abuser.'' I spat,shaking my head.



''Hey hey.'' Justin replied,grabbing me and pulling me into a hug. ''It wasn't your fault,you were broken and you didn't know what you wanted.'' 



''But I didn't put your feelings into consideration,you deserve someone better Justin.'' I replied,a single tear slipping my eye.



''All I want is you,I want to wake up beside you in the mornings,I want to be the boy that comforts you if something goes wrong,I want to share my secrets with you and I want to share my love with you,I've worked so hard to get you and I'm not letting go of you.'' Justin replied,kissing my head repetitively after a moment of silence. ''Okay?'' 



''Mhm.'' I replied,breathing in his scent as he kept me in his tight embrace.



''I love you no matter what.'' 



''I love you too.'' I giggled.



''And you know what? I'm so glad that Faith was being a nosy bitch and called me over,without her I wouldn't of met the love of my life.'' Justin whispered,hovering his lips over mine.



''And I wouldn't of met my everything.'' I whispered back,before I slowly shut my eyes just as Justin slowly pressed his plump lips into mine,immediately causing all those sparks that happened the first time we kissed to re-appear again.



Justin pulled away and grabbed my hand before he lead me over to the bench furthest away from the party,I sat down right next to Justin as he wrapped his arm around my shoulders,anchoring me into his chest.



I chattered my teeth as I felt a uncomfortable breeze circle us,I slowly looked up to see tiny snowflakes descend from the sky,making this the perfect winter wonderland.



I giggled and got up,pulling Justin with me as I ran over to the set of tree's I once sat at,I pulled him past the bushes surrounding it and through a small break through in the fence,we ran up the massive snow hill and layed down on top,clasping our hands as we looked up into the white sky.



I felt a snowflake land on the edge of my nose,I grinned just as Justin reached over and wiped it off,I looked over at him and smiled,Justin smiled back and looked back up at the sky.



''You see all these stars?'' Justin asked,looking at me once again.



''Mhm.'' I replied,not taking my eyes off the one star that stood out to me.



''They have nothing on you.'' Justin whispered,sqeezing our clasped hands as he smiled at my appearance.



I smiled and kept my eyes on the star,some how I was drawn to it,and I couldn't look away.



''That star sure is bright.'' Justin muttered,probably looking at the same star as me.



''Yeah,it's perfect.'' 



''Just like us.'' 



I looked over at Justin for the first time in minutes and smiled. 



''Let's name it.'' I murmured,looking back up at the sky.



''It's called forever.'' Justin stated after a while.






''Because,as long as that star is in our view,we will forever be together.''



''Justin,stars die all the time.''



''But our love wont.'' 



I looked over at Justin to see him staring right back,Justin bit his lip as I slowly turned my head back to the star.



''I guess your right,it won't....'' 






And from that moment onwards,Morgan and Justin became stronger than ever..nothing could break them apart...they were invincible,not one fight came their way after that...they were the perfect couple,like peanut butter and jelly..like the hero and the sidekick.



As the years grew on,their love grew with them,and every passing Christmas break was a blessing of a reminder of their story..


Who knows what happened to Jorgan over the years? all I can say is the princess finally found her prince,and they finally get their happy ever after.





So that was the end of 'Under the mistletoe.' I want to say thankyou to everyone who has ever commented or taken time out of their day to read this,it means so much to me.


15 chapters isn't enough,I know...especially from a girl who wrote a 80 something chapter book..but I needed to end this,I didn't know where this was going...



so as I said,thank you so much,you seriously are all flawless.








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