Under The Mistletoe

When Morgan and her family get invited to a Christmas celebration party,she stumbles across Justin Bieber,the charming young boy of every girls dream,when things spark between the two,will it last forever? or was it just a Christmas holiday fling that erases all happy memories between the two,forever.


5. False Alarm




*I closed my eyes and leaned in,puckering my lips slightly*




this is it...




''uh...Justin...what are you uhm,doing?'' Morgan giggled.




*My eyes snapped open and I felt my cheeks flush different shades of red.*











''I was gonna say...you uhm...y-you have lipstick on your cheek..and I was going to get it off for you.'' Morgan croaked.










''Oh..yeh I-I knew that.'' I smiled





*Morgan shook her head and rolled her eyes smiling before she rubbed off the lipstick from my cheek*





oh god...make a fool of yourself infront of a really beautiful girl...10 points to Bieber.





''You didn't think I was going to kiss someone I hardly know...did you?'' Morgan giggled.




''We played 20 questions?'' I shrugged looking at the floor.




''Yeah..but that's nothing about my life..there just simple questions..like favourite colour and drink..'' She giggled.





''Right...well,I'd like to get to know you..'' I smiled looking up at her briefly.




''I'd like to get to know you too.'' I heard Morgan mutter.





Oh wow.




*A smile instantly crept up on my face as I kicked an icy pebble across the snow watching it slide over to the other side of the door,stopping at someone's feet,I looked up to find a boy glaring at us*




''What are you doing with this looser out here in the cold?'' The boy sneered.




''He's not a looser,and his name is Justin.'' Morgan snapped.




*I looked at her as she slowly placed her hand over mine,I squeezed her thumb for reassurance,and looked back up to the boy,who was now standing closer*




Why does he intimidate my Morgs?




''Why are you sat so close to him baby? your not cheating on me are you?'' He said through gritted teeth.




Ahh..this must be...the...echum..boyfriend.




''Of course not Cal,he's just a good friend of mine.'' She smiled.





''Right...why are you holding hands then? I thought only couples do that..and maybe bestfriends..but I'm your bestfriend...is that correct?'' He mumbled.





''Yeah...Justin's just a friend I met here tonight...he's the only teen so I thought we would hang out.'' 





''Right....but meeting boy's at a party is against our little rule isn't it Mo.'' Callum smirked.




''Dude...were friends...and were at a family party..nothing was going to happen?'' 





''I wouldn't let it.'' Cal spat.





*I rolled my eyes and got up just after Morgan as she gripped onto my hand tightly* 





Something tells me that Morgan's frightened of him..I mean..she's gripping onto a strangers arm,I could be a rapist...I'm not or anything..just say-





''What you waiting for Mo...were leaving.'' Cal spat.





''W-What about the party though?'' Morgan stuttered.





''Your mom said it was fine...now hurry up...I want a Mc D's...you better have your money.'' Cal warned.




*Morgan nodded her head and let go of my hand..hesitantly walking over to Callum*




I'm not getting involve...not getting involved..not-




''What are you looking at? huh?!'' Cal shrieked glaring at me.





''N-Nothing...see you around Morgs.'' I waved slightly at her.




''No one calls her Morgs apart from me...got it jackass?'' Cal hissed.





''I can call her whatever I want...got that asshole?'' I smiled sarcastically.




''Let's just go.'' Morgan sighed pushing Callum out the back door.





*Morgan turned around smiling lightly before she followed Cal out the door,realization hit me as I started to run after her*




I forgot her number...damn.





''Morgs! MORGAN!'' I shouted running after the car pulling out the drive.




''Goddammit.'' I muttered.




I don't even have her fucking number...how am I supposed to get to know her like she promised? goddamit...I'll-I'll just ask Faith later...she'll know where Morgan and Her parent's live...




*I walked back into the party and sat onto the empty bar stool in the kitchen...running my hands through my hair*








Just when I find a nice genuine girl...she gets pulled away from me,I might not even see her again.












Awh Justin:( don't worry buddy...everythings going to be alright...hehehehe.
















I'm sorry...this is an awful chapter..:(

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