Under The Mistletoe

When Morgan and her family get invited to a Christmas celebration party,she stumbles across Justin Bieber,the charming young boy of every girls dream,when things spark between the two,will it last forever? or was it just a Christmas holiday fling that erases all happy memories between the two,forever.


8. Excuse me?



Morgan's POV:


*Just as Justin sat down on the couch next to me,The doorbell rang,I sighed and got up,shuffling my feet on the icy cold floor,I opened the door,my smile instantly fading*



''Cal?'' I asked clutching onto the door frame.



*Cal smacked my arm away from the door and stormed into the house,I shut the door and followed behind anxiously*



''Where is he?'' Cal demanded.






''Your client..'' 






''Yeah...the boy you've been having sex with behind my fucking back'' Callum spat.



''W-What are you talking about? I didn't-''



''Move out my way,slut.'' Callum muttered.



*My hand smacked to my mouth at what he just called me,anger shooting up inside my body I stepped forward,pulling back his shoulder with force,he turned to look at me*



''Excuse me?'' I shrieked.



''You fucking heard,I know what you get up to...saying your grounded...but you never are,you invite boys over and fuck them..like the dirty little whore you are.'' He sneered.



''I don't know what your fucking talking about! okay!? I'm a fucking virgin! who the fuck do you think you are walking in here and presuming I've been sleeping with guys? huh!? fucking answer me!'' I screamed pushing his shoulder back.



*Cal just scoffed before he continued to search the house,he walked into the living area to see Justin zipping up his pants,I watched as his jaw clenched and his face reddened*



''YOU FUCKING FAT UGLY WHORE!'' He screamed,pushing me over.



*My eyes widened as I fell flat on my butt,I scooted to the corner of the room whimpering,Justin looked at me with alarming eyes*



''Dude,what the fuck is your problem!? you can't push her like that!'' Justin shouted.








''I didn't lie Callum! please,believe me.'' I yelled frustrated at the whole situation.



''Yes you did! you tell me you haven't slept with this fucking faggot,then I walk in here to see him zipping up his pants..you've obviously been shit talking to me! your a fucking whore Morgan..and everyone at school will know about you and your little ways...I will make everyone hate you...you will have no one,apart from your little fuck buddys of course.'' He laughed.




''Bro,what the fuck? I just got back from the bathroom!? I took a piss...nothing else,It's not what It looks like..me and Morg-'' 



''BULLSHIT.'' Callum yelled,kicking the leg of the coffee table infront of him.



*I got up from the floor and tried to get Callum to calm down,but it only resulted in me on the floor again,and this time...more pain was radiating throughout my body*



It's obvious that He's been drinking,you could smell it from a mile away..I just hope he doesn't repeat what happened last time he was drunk.



*I grabbed my arm as I stood up again,I walked over to where the argument was dangerously increasing,at this point...Justin was up in Callums face,Callum kept pushing him back,but Justin kept getting closer to his face,I pushed Justin away slightly in fear of him getting hurt and stood between them,I turned around to look at Callum,his face was red and his knuckles were white*




''Look,it's not what it seems..I didn't cheat on you..I haven't done anything with Justin...or any other boy for that matter,your the only boy I've kissed since we've been dating.'' I sighed.



''Bull-to-the-mother-fucking-shit!'' He laughed.




''Shut the fuck up and listen,Callum!All you fucking do is assume things and never stick around to hear the full story,for fuck sake.'' I yelled in frustration.



*Suddenly a ripple of pain spread across my cheek,I instantly grabbed it with my hand and my mouth formed a ''o'' shape,I looked up to see that Callum had just slapped me hard around the face,I got pushed aside by Justin causing me to fall back on my butt*




Okay what is it with My ass and gravity today?





''How fucking dare you slap her! she's done nothing wrong!'' Justin yelled,pushing Callum hard in the chest.




*Callum turned to me*




''Oh look,is your little fuck buddy sticking up for you? we all know why he's doing it...maybe to get a little action later.'' Callum sneered.




*Justin swung a punch,hitting Cal in the side of his jaw,Callum immediately retaliated by punching Justin in his gut,I screamed and stood up,running forward and pulling Callum away from Justin,I pushed Callum to the floor and punched him in the face,my hand immidately stinging afterwards,Callum pushed me away and scrambled to his feet,before swinging open the door with great force and running out of the house and into the winter night*




''What the fuck just happened?'' Justin coughed,sitting up from the floor.




*I slid down the wall and placed my head in my hands,tears starting to slip and roll down my cheeks*



What the fuck is wrong with me? why do I have to always fuck everything up? Justin's hurt and I didn't help him,great friend you are.



Shut up,it wasn't my fault.



Yes it was,Morgan.




''Morgan,are you okay?'' Justin whispered.



*I looked up briefly and nodded,not caring that my eyes were filled with tears and my lip was quivering,I quickly looked back down as I felt Justin shuffle over towards me*



''Hey,hey,hey...please don't cry,shhh.'' Justin whispered enveloping me in a hug and rocking me from side to side.




''I don't understand why he would think I would do something like that? He called me an ugly fat whore,I don't even know weather to believe him or not'' I murmured into Justin's now wet shirt.



''Shh,shh,your not a slut or a whore,or ugly or fat,your beautiful..okay?don't listen to that jerk,he doesn't deserve someone as amazing as you,shhh..it's okay.'' Justin murmured,pulling me closer towards him.




''B-But I love him,and he just pushed me away...are we over?'' I asked,but really I was talking to myself.



''Don't worry Morgs,if you guys are over..you'll find the perfect boy for you,who will treat you right...but if he happens to come back to you,let him get on his knees and beg you to forgive him,make that bastard sorry for turning down the sweetest girl ever.'' Justin chuckled.



I giggled. ''Thanks Justin,you're amazing.'' 



''I know.'' Justin smirked.



*I pulled away from the hug and smiled at him,Justin smiled back,glancing at my lips*



I know where this is going...



''H-How's your stomach.'' I asked,avoiding Justin's hint to kiss me.




''It's alright,hurts a bit,how about your wrist?'' Justin asked.




''Oh,I completely forgot about that...'' I giggled,I rested my arm on my lap.



''Fucking hell Morgan!'' Justin murmured,I looked up at him.






''Look at your arm...there's a huge black bruise forming on your arm,you need some ice.'' Justin panicked.



''Justin,calm down,I'm fine..I'm more worried about your stomach.'' I croaked.



''I'll get us some ice,be right back.'' Justin muttered before he stood up and ran out the room.



*I sighed and leaned against the wall*




I'm guessing it's over...me and Callum are through...if he didn't let me explain,he obviously doesn't trust me.



*Justin shuffled back into the room with a 2 bags of frozen peas,he sat down next to me and held the bag to my wrist,the pain instantly subsiding,with Justin's other hand,he placed the bag on his stomach,letting out a sigh of relief as the ice numbed the area*



''Why would Callum even think about slapping or hitting you?'' Justin asked after a moment of silence.




''It isn't the first time.'' I muttered under my breath.



*Justins attention immediately snapped to me,his eyes growing big*




''What?!?!'' Justin asked.




What have I done?






















Stay beautiful<3



Peace,love and rubber gloves<3

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