Under The Mistletoe

When Morgan and her family get invited to a Christmas celebration party,she stumbles across Justin Bieber,the charming young boy of every girls dream,when things spark between the two,will it last forever? or was it just a Christmas holiday fling that erases all happy memories between the two,forever.


6. Carrot Cake



*1 week later*



I'm so fucking angry...I don't even know where Morgan lives,I don't know her number...anything...she might not even live up here,she could of just been visiting.



''Justin...Sweetie,Can you please pop down?'' Pattie called from the stairs.




''Sure.'' I mumbled dragging myself off the bed and trudging downstairs.




''Could you please run this over to Faith nextdoor?'' She smiled handing me over a slice of carrot cake.



''Why can't you?''





''Dont be like that,Justin. I need to clean up the kitchen..this cake was quite hard to perfect.'' Pattie smiled.





''Okay..sure,fine,it's whatever...just leave some cake for me though,got it?'' I raised my eyebrows as she handed over the cake.




''I know,I know...this is extra...we have about 3 qauters of the cake left,just hurry up!'' Pattie cried swatting me with the dish cloth.




''Alright! Alright! I'm leaving.'' 




''Good,love you hunny.'' 




''Yeah yeah.'' I mumbled as I wrenched open the front door.




*I walked out and instantly chattered my teeth,I sprinted over the frosty grass and over to the door,I knocked three times and took a step back*




''Stupid fucking weather.'' I muttered kicking at the snow covering the doormat.




*The door swung open just as I looked up,instantly my eyes grew wide*







''Morgs?what are you doing here?'' I asked my lips turning into a slight smirk.




''Faiths out Christmas shopping. I had to clean up her house as my punishment for sneaking out with Cal last night.'' She giggled rolling her eyes.




I missed that gorgeous heart warming laugh.




''Can I uh...come in? It's just a bit chilly out here.'' I smiled scrunching up my nose.




''Oh shut up.'' She giggled stepping aside to let me through.




''Thanks.'' I muttered before I walked through the door and into the cosy hallway.




''What's that?'' Morgan asked taking the cake from my hand.




''Home made cake..duh.'' I smirked




''Shut up..and take your shoes off,your scuffing up the floor I just cleaned.'' 




*I smirked before I slid around on the floor in my shoes,making a huge water puddle from the snow that melted of my Supras*




''Stop..I swear.'' 




''You swear what?'' I smiled walking towards her.




''I'll run next door and tell your mom you're being an idiot.'' 




''Oh boo-hoo,go ahead..my mom won't care.'' 




''Sorry badass.'' She muttered.




''Oh its on.'' I smirked.




*Morgan shrieked before she sprinted into the farmiliar living area where the party took place 1 week ago,I ran in after her*




''Stay away from me you freak!'' 




''Your digging a hole for yourself Blair..'' I said in a sing-song tone.




''Your already deep in the hole Bieber...after what you tried to do the other day.'' She smirked raising her eyebrows.



''Which is?'' 




''Trying to kiss mwah.'' She giggled.




''Thats it.'' I smirked




*I ran round the side of the sofa before she saw my crimson cheeks,but before I got to her,she was already in the kitchen where I placed the cake a mere few minutes ago*




I have an idea...which I'm pretty sure both,Faith and Morgan won't like..




*I sprinted into the kitchen and grabbed a handful of cake tossing it over the other side of the island where Morgan was standing*




''You.did.not.just.throw.a.cake.at.me.'' She mumbled wiping the frosting out of her eyes.





''Correction,carrot cake.'' 




''Wanna play it like that Bieber? huh? that's fine by m-''




*I threw another piece of cake at her cutting her off in mid sentance*




''Oh its motherfucking on.'' Morgan shrieked,lunging over table to grab the container of cake.




*We reached for the container at the same time,both tugging on the box,with my free hand I took a handful of icing and smeared it in Morgan's hair,she picked up a piece and splatted it right in my face*




''JUSTIN'' Morgan shrieked falling to the floor in hysterics after I smeared more in her face.




*I grabbed the remainder of cake from the container and ran around the island,slipping on a piece of icing,I went tumbling to the ground,landing next to Morgan herself,I smeared the rest of the cake previously in my hands in her face as she laughed*




''It's not funny,I fucking hurt my ass bone!'' I whined trying to sound serious,but completely failed and ended up joining in with her laughter.




''Your such a clumsy faggot!'' Morgan laughed.




''Yeah yeah...whatever..and your a little Weiner.'' I chuckled.




*Morgan sat up facing me smirking,I wiped off the icing from her cheek and ate it*





''You taste good Blair.'' I chuckled.




*Morgan wiped some icing off my nose and licked it,smiling*




''So do you,Bieber.'' She giggled.







Moments passed and we just stared at each other..not saying a word.




''I missed you.'' I whispered fiddling with the lace on my sneaker.




''I hardly know you.'' She giggled.




''So? your fun to be around,and I've missed that this week.'' 



There was a pause.



''I missed you too.''  Morgan whispered smiling at me.




''Good.'' I replied bum shuffling over to her and giving her a hug.





''MORGAN????'' Someone called slamming the door shut.





*we jumped apart just as Faith stormed in*





''I TOLD YOU TO CLEAN THE HOUSE,NOT MAKE MORE MESS!'' Faith yelled,pulling at her hair line.




''Mmmm,sorry Faith.'' Morgan mumbled.









''Hey.'' I yelled,Faith turned around to look at me. ''This isn't he fault...and don't be so harsh on her,It was my idea..leave her alone.'' 




''No,Justin...it's oka-''





''No! she has no right to call you a demon child...it's a bit of cake Faith! get over yourself...snobby cow.'' I muttered the last line before grabbing Morgans hand and pulling her up.




''I'm telling your mother,both of yours...how dare you call me that,Justin! I will inform your mother,and you will be grounded.'' 




''Whatever.'' I laughed.




*Faith walked away pressing her hand towards her forehead*








''Fucking bitch.'' Morgan muttered.




*I looked at her,before we both burst out into fits of laughter*




''Oh my...she's such a fucking cow..what does my mom see in her.'' Morgan laughed.




''Same...she's the bitchiest old person i've ever encountered.'' I chuckled.




*Morgan stopped laughing and bit her lip slightly*




''Thanks for sticking up for me,you didn't have to do that.'' She smiled 




''She had no right to call you that,no problem.'' I smiled back.





*Morgan nodded and began picking cake off the ground,I pulled her arm for her to stand up again*





''Wanna ditch with me? fuck Faith.'' I chuckled




*Morgan raised her eyebrows*




''I dunno...we might get caught..and I don't wanna be in trouble.'' 





''Fuck the police...come on,let's get outta here.'' I smiled pulling her to the front door.





''I'm not sure a-''




''Do you trust me?'' 




''I don't know why...but yes,I guess I do.'' 




*A warm feeling instantly flooded me,my cheeks going crimson as I looked down*




''D-Do you trust me?'' She asked.




''Of course,Morgs.'' 



''Thanks Biebz.'' She giggled.




*I smiled and took her hand,leading her out of the front door and along the frosty grass*





''Where are we going?'' 




''My house,You have a coat right?'' I glanced over to her.




''N-no,My mom dropped me down here on the way to work.'' 




''I'll let you borrow a hoddie,or something,okay?'' I smiled.








''No problem,beauti-uhm...because I have plenty anyway.'' 



smooth bieber.




''Right,okay.'' Morgan giggled.




*I pulled her close as I began to feel her shiver,we walked across the grass to my porch,I swung open the door and ran upstairs with Morgan still close behind me*





''We gotta be quiet...I think Faith and my mom are downstairs...we gotta be quick.'' I whispered opening the door to my room.




''Mhm.'' Morgan replied.



*I watched as she walked into my Maple Leafs themed room,looking at it in awe,she ran and jumped on my bed,I rolled my eyes and opened my wardrobe,pulling out two sweaters*





''I'm sorry...these are the only sweaters I have right now,the rest are in the dryer.'' 




''It's fine.'' Morgan giggled as I handed over her sweater. 




Morgan's and Justin's outfit (with Justin's sweater): 



''Hope it's alright for you...It's quite old..so.'' I muttered pulling the sweatshirt over my plain white top.




''Yeah it's nice...very...you.'' She giggled.




Her laugh lightens my mood.




''Is that a good thing?'' 



''Yes,your style is very....nice.'' 








''Whatever.'' Morgan giggled rolling her eyes.




*She grabbed my hand and pulled me out of my bedroom door,I walked infront of her and silently walked down the stairs*




''Shh..they can't see us,they'll go ape shit if they know we haven't cleaned up Faiths house.'' I whispered slowly opening the front door.








''Shit! run'' I whisper-shouted pulling Morgan out the door with me.




*We ran down the slippery path trying to keep our balance*




''This weathers horrible.'' Morgan sighed.




''Yeah..I guess,but it's Christmas in 2 weeks...you'll get to be around your family.'' 




''That isn't a good thing.'' 




''Why not?'' 




''Mac...for starters,he's the demonic child of the family..a vile little creature where I don't know how the fuck he entered our quite normal family,then theres Daisy...she's a cutie,but she's the center of attention all the time...just because she's cute,blonde and beautiful.'' I muttered.




''You're not blonde,but you're beautiful..'' I mentally slapped myself as that slipped through my moth.





''Thank you.'' She smiled looking down at her shoes.




''How old's Mac then?'' I asked changing the conversation.




''I don't even know sometimes....I think he's nine,but he acts like a 5 year old on crack,not like i've ever seen a kid on crack...well-'' 




''Your funny.'' I chuckled.




''I don't mean to be..I'm only funny because I'm awkward.'' 




''You're not awkward,or shy..your you...Morgan,the loud,funny,beautiful girl,I have the honour to know.'' 




*I saw Morgan's cheeks burn red,as she tried to cover her blush*




''Awh..you're blushing.'' I cooed nudging her in the waist.




''Shut up,am not.'' She retorted slapping my arm lightly.





''Are too.'' 














that's it for nowwwwwwww<3




Stay beautiful




Peace,love and rubber gloves

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