When frienship betrays you

friendship has always been everything for 17 year old star, but when her friends betray her and leave her when she needs them the most she becomes a broken mess. she leaves for 6 years to come back and see everything has changed. will she confront her past or stay broken? Did she stay the same or change?


1. Big Surprise

   Chapter 1

I hear my alarm going off to guns n roses, so i get up and head to the bathroom. I quickly take a shower, dry off my naturally curly long black hair, put eyeliner and mascara, and go into my closet. I put on my bra and panties, pick out my usual attire. Band shirt, black jeans and my black converse. I head down stairs and eat breakfast. I head to my car  and drive to school, its just 10 minutes away so i get there early. I decide to text my boyfriend skylar, but he doesn't text me back. Hes been distant lately and i don't know why. I head to home room just as the bell rings and sit down next  to my best friend jessi. 

"hey jessi have you seen skylar?" i say to her looking around since hes in the same class.She looks at me as if shes hiding something. 

"uh no i haven't sorry uh i'm going to sit next to my boyfriend okay" she says getting up and sitting next to her boyfriend vinny. hmm that's weird she's hiding something i can tell. I just shrug it off and see that skylar just entered. He sits next to me and just looks at me.

"oh hi babe sorry my car didn't want to start so your cousin gave me a ride" he says looking at my cousin smirking. What? she gave him a ride but his car is always in  shape. Something is going on i know it.  

"oh well that's nice of her so are we hanging out after school?" i ask kissing his cheek. He just rolls his eyes.

"no sorry cant", he instantly gets up and walks to his friends and the bell rings. I walk to first block which is art.I have two of my friends here, clarris and cinthia. There twins and I've known them since 2nd grade. 

"hey guys wassap!" i say giggling. They just turn serious and nod.

"hi star" they both say getting out their sketch pad.I just sit down and wait for lunch to come by. We don't talk and soon i go by two classes and its lunch.  Me and skylar are usually together at lunch but i see him with his friends so i decide to sit with my friends.

I see them sitting by a tree laughing and talking. I go and see that they all stop what they were doing. 

"hi guys', ii say happily. 

"oh um not to sound rude but why are you here? " dani says rolling her eyes. i stand there looking at them in shock, what they don't want me here? 

"I just thought i'd just come after like two years and hang around lunch with you what is this bad?" I ask.

"yeah its pretty stupid cause we really don't want you here, like you said two freaken years its been a while" clariss says annoyed. They get up and leave me standing there in shock. I go to my next class in tears waiting for lunch to end. 20 minutes later it ends and class begins. I have music so i have none of my friends in this class. The teacher gives us instructions and i start playing my  guitar and start strumming my tears overpowering me but i keep them in. The class ends and i drive home sad. 

2 hours later

I decide to drive to skylars house, i get there and knock.  His mom opened the door and smiled at me.

"hey mrs. rose is skylar here?" i ask and go in. 

"yes he is he is studying with cristi" she says and i nod.I walk upstairs and open his bedroom door. I gasp at what i see............

Skylar and cristi are in bed naked. They look at me and their eyes are wide in shock that i caught them. I run away in tears ignoring my name being called. I drive to the lake to clear my mind not knowing whats going to happen.........

*so guys hows the first chapter? comment any suggestions-Jazzy


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