My new cousin

hello my name is Mary Cullen , I am 18 , and i completly hate Olly Murs, the only singers I like is One Direction , yeah anyway my mum has been keeping a secret from me , now there is a new member of the family !


4. that's my cousin!!

Mary's P.O.V


Olly murs is my cousin ! I can't beleive it the one singer I hate is my cousin , out of all it's them !

I marched angrily back up to my room leaving him eyes wide and mouth open.

"MARY CULLEN GET DOWN HERE THIS INSTANT !" Mum shouted at the stairs .

"But-- "

"GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW !" She said cutting me off , geezo why , why, why did it have to be him !

I stomped back down the stairs ,

"Manners," She whispered into my ear , I smiled a fake smile, "So now that this is sorted , why don't you tell Vicky and Oliver about your self,"

"Please auntie Ann call me Olly ," Olly said , proberly just acting it .

"Well , I go to archery , I play piano , I have a car , I don't have any friends , My favourate band is One Direction, And my favourate singer is Selena Gomez, There that's me ," I said still forcing a smile.

"Well I am going to meet One Direction later on , would you like to come ?" Wow now I'm starting to like him !

"Yes, I would love to go !" I said running over and giving him a hug, did i actually just do that !

"Ok , well we better get going ,"

"Wait a minite aren't One Direction in London and we are in Ireland ?"

"Yes we are flying , we will be back for tea," On the ride to the air port I told him more about myself and he told me about him , Then when we got to the airport Olly got mobed by lots of fans ! when we finally got on the plane we went for a nap , wow being the cousin of a singer is mad !

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