My new cousin

hello my name is Mary Cullen , I am 18 , and i completly hate Olly Murs, the only singers I like is One Direction , yeah anyway my mum has been keeping a secret from me , now there is a new member of the family !


2. school

Mary's P.O.V


I moaned as I got out of bed. Why , why another day of school! , here's the deal i get bullied , but I am not a GG ! I skip classes and roam about the school. I don't know y they chose me !

Yeah I have a tuff life . I got changed into a blue dress that had little blue birds on it , a pear of blur flat dolly shoes , and i put a blue flower in my hair , I then curled my hair , (blonde hair)

The dress goes with the colour of my eyes , bright blue . My mum and dad have good buisness , my dad is a docter , and my mum has her own clothing desingn so yeah I'm pratacally rich . I went down the stairs and saw my mother smiling like a lunituc at her phone . I walked beside her and put my hand on her back , she jumped off the seat and turned to me .

"Oh i got a fright, Mary you musn't do that ," She said giving me a death glare .

"You had a cheesy grin on your face , what is it ?" I asked looking at her with my hands up in defence .

"Nothing my sister is coming down , " What , did i hear that right .

"A sister , mum I thought you were a only child ,"

"No, no , anyway my sister Vicky is coming down to see us , we haven't seen each other for ages," She said looking down at her phone again ,

" Bye mum !" I shouted as i headed for the hall,

"Bye sweetie !" She shouted back , I got into my red farari , yeah I got a red fafari !

___skip Car Ride ___

As soon as I entered the school and got out of my car , Kyle came towards me , OH CRAP !

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