My new cousin

hello my name is Mary Cullen , I am 18 , and i completly hate Olly Murs, the only singers I like is One Direction , yeah anyway my mum has been keeping a secret from me , now there is a new member of the family !


5. One direction!

Once we got off of the plain in London we made our way to one of the hotels the boys were in very nervously I follows behind Olly. I smiles slightly at all the boys as we walked in. "and who's this beautiful girl?" Niall asks kissing my hand making me blush. "im.." I start. God dammit! Mary . Mary . Say Mary I open my mouth but I still couldn't find the words.

"This is Mary my Cousin," Olly chuckles and grabs nialls guitar.

"Hey!" He exclaims making a slight giggle escape my lips.

Olly starts to strum the words to heart skips a beat and soon all the boys and singing and dancing about the room making me laugh even harder than I should be. I smiles clapping along.

We were there for a couple of hours but before we left the boys insisted they'd have my number. Well I might actually be able to text people on my phone now. Yay! Heh x we made our way back to Birmingham airport and took the 15 minute journey home on the plane.

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