My new cousin

hello my name is Mary Cullen , I am 18 , and i completly hate Olly Murs, the only singers I like is One Direction , yeah anyway my mum has been keeping a secret from me , now there is a new member of the family !


3. my bully

Mary's P.O.V


Why is it me who has to get bullied !

I tried to dodge Kyle but he came closer .He put his hand on my sholder i tried to shake it off but couldn't .

"Kyle gonna leave me alone , I just wanna go to class," Well actaull I am not going to class ,

"No , I just want to ask you something ,"

"Make it quick then !" I said spitting on him on purpose,

"Well i was wondering if you would get me out of class for a day !" He said looking at me with eyes I have never seen.

"Will you stop bulling me in return ?" He nodded ,"Promise?" He nodded again ," Ok "

"Thankyou !" He said hugging me , wierd !

_____skip school____

_____skip ride home ____

When i got home there was a message on the table , it read;

away to pick up your new cousin and aunt , see you soon

mum xx

"I better get dressed," I said to myself ,

I went up the stairs and chose, dark navy blue jeans , a bright baby blue tshirt and medium colour of blue flats. Did i mention blue is my favourate colour?

When i got down the stairs there they were sitting on the couch ,

"What is he doing here ?" I said rudly pointing to the man on the couch .

"He's your new cousin," What ..........

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