My new cousin

hello my name is Mary Cullen , I am 18 , and i completly hate Olly Murs, the only singers I like is One Direction , yeah anyway my mum has been keeping a secret from me , now there is a new member of the family !


6. he's staying......

"Mary! I have good news!" My mother giggles as I make my way down the stairs .

"What is it mum?" I ask looking at her on the couch.

"My sister and Olly. Are going to stay for a couple of weeks until my sister finds a house!" My mum giggles and I groan. It may not be that bad but who knows. I make my way out of the door once I got changed into really light blue jeans and a crop top saying 'music is the answer'

When I reach the school I see a girl walk towards me that I've never seen before.

"You slut!" She screams and slaps me over the face. I wince and hold where she just hit me.

"I don't even know you!" I whine looking up at her.

"You stole my boyfriend." She takes a step towards me and I stumble back.

"Once again I don't know you!" I shout. "And I have no idea how I could steal your boyfriend when I have no friggen' friends it this school!" She looks over my shoulder and a shocked expression appears over her face.

"Emily leave her alone. She's not the reason I broke up with you!" I look behind me and see Kyle walking towards us. He stands beside me and puts a arm over my shoulder and I can only look up at him surprised. When I was looking at him Emily had left muttering stuff

"What was that for?" I mutter asking him once everyone had went away.

"I promised not to bully you in return of getting me out of class so that's what I'm doing. And I forget to tell you one slight change to the deal" he smirks. "I'll be hanging around with you when I skip classes.


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