High School Love

Just a typical teenage girl, fantasizing over her high school crush! Can she get the popular dude while she's just a loser nerd?


1. It has started

It has started. I never thought the day would have come. He is standing right there!! Ok focus Rebecca focus. I mean how stupid can you get...look at you and then look at him! He has everything, you have nothing. You might as well just give up now before something really bad happens! (Not like my life can get any worse) I just felt a sudden urge to go up to  him and express how I feel, but something was stopping me and I just couldn't figure out what it was! Ok it sounds ridiculous, ME going out with the hottest guy in school. But the more I fantasize about it, the more realistic it comes! So basically that was my plan, to just keep everything in my mind and hopefully nothing will go wrong! 

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