The Hybrid

I thought, he was normal. Just a normal average guy. But he isn't. He is far from normal. Supernatural. How...... Can this be? It seems..... impossible to be true.


5. Try to firgure it out

Harry's P.O.V

"I fell and you didn't catch me." Rachel said.

"First time for everything." I responded.

"I can't move my body feels num." she said.

"That power... it is the side affect." Liam said.

"I hate side affects." She mumbled.

"No matter how you say it... We can hear you....." Louis said.

"I don't care." She said as I lifted her off from the ground.


"I think you girls should stay at the house tonight." Paul said walking out of no where.

"When were to you here?!" Amber said confused.

"I was just behind a tree waiting for everything to be over." Paul said.

"Coward... I came out with a bow and arrows that did no damage!" Rachel said.

"I did nothing!" Amber said.

"And I was almost killed. Thank you Niall for saving me." Amber said.

"Your welcome Amber." Niall said.

"Anyways, Rachel, how do you know Demetri?" Paul asked.

"Just forget it." She said.

"Darien said,--" Amber started but Rachel cut her off.

"Nothing!" Rachel said.

"Why don't you wanna tell them?? Isn't Harry just like you? Aren't you a hybrid? Your eyes turned red. Answer me! I thought we told each other stuff!" Amber said.


Hybrid? Red eyes?


"My personal life... My past is something I don't need to tell..." Rachel said.

"Told you Paul! She is my mate!" I said.

"We are still unsure. She hasn't ever shifted." Paul said.

"Can you shift, Rachel?" I asked.

"No. Amber can we leave?" Rachel asked.

"Your lying." Zayn said.

"Why can't you just say?" He said.

"Right now, my problem, I have got Amber involved, I don't need anyone else involved. Amber can be killed." Rachel said.

"Whaaaaatt??? I have protection... Right?" Amber asked nervously.

"Me. I'll protect you." Niall said and she blushed.

"Aww.... Niall and Amber sitting in a tree K.I.S.S.I.N.G!" Louis said.

"Stop playing around... Let's get back to the house." Paul said.

"I can walk, now, Harry." She said and got out of my arms.

"I'm going home." Rachel said.

"You need to answer some questions." Paul said.

"Not answering any." She said and she was running away taking her bow and arrows.

"That means Amber. Will you answer questions? Tell us anything you know?" Paul asked.

"I'll try." She said..

"Well good..."


Rachel's P.O.V

It is all too much.

Hybrid.... Hybrid.... HYBRID.....

It is the Cromwell's fault.

I stopped running.

They watch me all the time.

Planning how and when they are going to kill me.

I'll fight with all I've got, till the end.

The truth about the mate thing...

I'm Harry's mate.

Paul is unsure because he thinks I'm human.

Rarely a human and werewolf or vampire mate.

Paul doesn't know.....

I'm not human.


Amber's P.O.V

We reached their house.

Right now we talking..

"So that is what Darien said. Demetri burnt the house down?" Liam asked.

"Yes surprisingly. They said her Mother was a Pureblood vampire and her dad was a werewolf alpha. She had a younger brother and sister who were hybrids." I said.

"Maybe... She doesn't shift because she is being protected. Maybe she wears some type of jewelry all the time..." Liam said.

"Why can't we leave Rachel alone she had a rough pat. We should support her." Harry said.

"We need to find out what she is." Paul said.

"She is a hybrid of a werewolf and vampire." Louis said.

"What kind of protection?.." Liam thought putting on his thinking face and going to research.


We talked a little more...


"Amber has Rachel told you about this before?" Paul asked.

"Never." I said.

"I FOUND IT!!" Liam said running into the room.

"A werewolf or vampire who wears jewelry with this sign on it is protecting their self from shifting.." Liam said and shown us a picture.

"Rachel has jewelry like that, I would always ask if I could borrow it but she would say no." I said.

"Darien and Demetri said something about the Silver moon pack." Amber said.

"They were killed." Harry said.

"Not long ago." He said.

"They said she was the only hybrid." I said.

"She isn't. Her family couldn't die in a fire. Unless if their hearts were basically in it and not in their body." Harry said that creeped the shit out of me.

"So they are hiding?" Niall asked.

"Most likely." Harry said.

"We should tell Rachel." Amber said.

"I'll tell her." Harry said.


He sat there.


"Soo Harry when will you tell her?" I asked.

"He is mind linking her." Louis said.

"Oh." I said.


Harry's P.O.V

*Rachel... I'm not sure if you can hear me... We found out that your family isn't dead... They are hiding... if you wanna hear more... Get here as fast as you can... Darien and Demetri might have found out... You might be in danger.*


"She didn't answer me..." I said.


Rachel's P.O.V

I heard what Harry said.


"We'll we come back, very fast." Darien said.

"What do you want?" I asked irritated.

"Should we kill you now?" Demetri asked.

"Go Ahead." I said.


Darien threw me against the tree and I dropped.

Demetri picked up an arrow and threw it at me with his strength.

I got hit in my stomach.

"Agh! Oh God!" I screamed.

"Looks like we are done. That was quite easy." Darien said.

"You aren't done." I said taking of my necklace and earrings. Dropping them to the ground.

I grew fangs, red eyes and claws.

I pulled out the arrow.

"So you are a vampire." Demetri said with a grin.


I clawed Darien in his face.

Causing him to bleed which got him mad.

His blood was all over my hands causing me to get thirsty.

I licked his blood of my hands causing blood to drip off my chin.

I had no chance so I ran to the guys house.


Harry's P.O.V

"She still didn't answer..." 

"She probably isn't coming Harry.." Paul said.

"I'm here." We heard.


Our heads snapped to the door seeing my bloodsucking mate, Rachel.


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