The Hybrid

I thought, he was normal. Just a normal average guy. But he isn't. He is far from normal. Supernatural. How...... Can this be? It seems..... impossible to be true.


11. The Surprise Attack

Amber's P.O.V

"Niall is outside of the school making sure they don't get in." I said.

"Niall who?" Stiles asked.

"I'm dating Niall." I said.


"No. We started dati--"

"We have to figure out how they got into the school. And Why they are here." Scott said.

"They'd be after Rachel but she is at home with Harry a friend of mine and in Niall's band." I said.

"So.. --" 

"I'm going to call Niall."


"Hello Niall, I have a question." I said.

"What is it?"

"Has anyone got into the school when you where watching?"

"Only students."

"How is Darien and Demetri here? They already killed Mr. Burns."


"Who are they here for?"



"They are there for--"


"You." My head snapped to the direction of the door.


Darien and Demetri.


"Amber.... Amber.... AMBER... I'm coming." The line went dead and my phone dropped out of my hand.

"Leave her alone." Scott said and his eyes turned yellow.

"Pathetic fool. Werewolves cannot beat us vampires." Demetri said.

"Let's see about that." Scott said and got into a fight with Darien.

"Are you going to join us?" Demetri said whispering in my ear causing me to shiver.


"We will turn you into a vampire no worries." 

"N-No I won't go with you two." I said and felt his fangs on my neck.


"My other option is to kill you like him up there." He said pointing to the dead Mr. Burn's.


Then we heard a load growl from the door.


"You better keep your hands to yourself Demetri." Niall growled with yellow eyes.

"Niall calm down I'm not hurting her." Demetri said.

"I don't believe you." 

"You shouldn't." Demetri sank his fangs into my neck.

"Ugh." I said as he started sucking blood.

Niall jumped and grabbed me before I touched the floor loosing conscious.


Rachel's P.O.V

I growled as I felt pain.

Eyes turning red and canines growing.

"Rachel! Calm down." Harry said.


Then I had a vision of Amber falling to the ground with holes in her neck, Niall holding her as blood dropped from Demetri's mouth.


*End Of Vision*

I growled causing Harry to jump.

"What's wrong?"

"Demetri.... He bit Amber and sucked her blood." I said with tears streaming down my face still furious.

"Calm down please." He said.

"No. I'll kill him and tear his throat out with my teeth." I said snarling.


Harry pressed his lips on mine making my canines go away with my eyes returning and dark brown.


He pushed me down on the couch hovering me, still kissing me.

His tongue slipped into my mouth.

We were literally making out on the couch.


I pushed him off.



"Harry call Niall please."



Harry's P.O.V

Rachel and I kinda just made out.

It seemed like she didn't like it at all.


I dialled Niall's number.



"Amber b-bitten." He stuttered and I knew he was crying.

"I know."

"Harry... I need you to come."

"I can't."

"Darien and Demetri are trying to kill Scott. You need to come here immediatly."

"I can't. How bout I call Zayn--"

"We need a vampire."

"How are you even calling me?" 


"Fine." I have in hanging up.


"Let's go."I said to Rachel.


She stood silent and walked with me to my car. Who knows what will happen.





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