The Hybrid

I thought, he was normal. Just a normal average guy. But he isn't. He is far from normal. Supernatural. How...... Can this be? It seems..... impossible to be true.


7. The Students Secrets

Author's note: I'm gonna add characters from one of my fav tv shows. Teen Wolf. Enjoy.


Niall's P.O.V

"Amber... Babe, wake up. It is time to go." 

"I'm tired Niall... Why can't you just carry me home?" 

"I don't know. But sure. Since you asked." 


I held her in my arms and kissed her forehead.


"Hmm.... Amber how bout your car?" Rachel said knowing she was gonna jump.

"MY CAR!" She yelled jumping out of my arms.


Rachel fell to the floor dying of laughter.

"You should have seen your face!" She said looking like she was about to cry.

"Rachel Gabriella Monroe..."

"Hey... No need for the middle name."

"I like your middle name." Harry said smirking.

"Whatever." Rachel said sticking her tongue out.

"Amber Ashely Nicole..."



"Anyways let's go." I said with Amber jumping on my back.



*3 minutes later*


"MY CAR!!" Amber screamed running to the car.

"I guess we can take it from here guys." Rachel said.

"Okay. Bye. Amber." I said and kissed her cheek which made her blush.

"Bye Niall." She responded.

"Bye Rachel." Harry said hugging her.

"Bye Harry." She said hugging back.



Rachel's P.O.V

"Rachel!!! Wake up!!" Amber yelled jumping on my bed.

"What??" I asked tiredly.

"School!!" She said.

"You woke me up for that? I'll take off the ring and bracelet. I'll suck the blood out of you." I said seriously.

"Okay. I didn't wake you up for that. Niall asked me out!!!" She screamed.

"Oh my god!!! I'm so happy for you!!" I said, sittin up and fangirling.

"We are going on a date after school!!!" Amber said screaming.


Amber is lucky and so is Niall.

Amber is beautiful, red hair greenish, bluish eyes and a great personality.

Niall is great for her.


"Rachel I have a question. How are you and Harry?" Amber asked.

"What do you mean Harry and I, I met him last night," I said.

"So did me and Niall, so how is it?" She asked.

"Not really much." I said getting up and walking to the washroom.


"Even if we are mates, it doesn't mean we need to get fall in love get married and have children. We can go our seperate ways unless he bites me which means mark me with a bite. Like, if Niall marks you with a bite, you guys have to live with each other forever." I said looking into the mirror.

"I hope he does bite me and I hope Harry bites you." She said getting out of the washroom.


I did my morning routine, then changed into a floral skirt, with a white shirt, leather jacket (obbession with my black leather jacket) , combat boots (that too my black combat boots)

I curled my hair put on lipgloss and grabbed my bag going downstairs.


Amber was at the table eating.


"Let's go. We are gonna be late." Amber said grabbing my hand and dragging me through the door.

We went in her car and I was starving.


"Amber... I'm hungry."

"Too bad for waking up late." 


I was gonna starve to death.


*At school*


We both got out the car and went into the school to our lockers.


I opened my locker, and looked at myself in my personal mirror.


I spotted, someone... A student? His eyes glowed yellow. He was a werewolf.

I closed my locker.


The halls were empty, Amber was gone.

Nice, it was only me and werewolf boy.


"Hi, I'm Scott." He said.

"I'm Rachel." I said.

"Nice meeting you." He said.


Then he started walking away.



What the heck?!


"I know you are a wolf." I said and he stopped walking.

"How do you know?" He said.

"Because she is a hybrid." Another guy came walking.

"What do you want Derek?" Scott asked.

"I found out your eyes glowed." 

"In that amount of time?!" Scott asked.

"Pretty much." Derek said.

"Your a wolf too." I said turning around to look at him.

"And your a hybrid. A werewolf and vampire. I don't like vampires." He said.

"SCOTT! The teacher asked me to look for you.-- Derek Hale?" A guy that came running down the hall said.

"Well he is human." I said.

"I know I'm human! What are you vampire? Werewolf?" He asked.

"Both." I said.

"Whoa... Sorry for bothering you. Let's go to class Scott." He said.

Then out of no where.

"We have found you Rachel..." I knew who's voices they were...

"Darien, Demetri what do you want? Why are you here?"I asked.

"Who's that? Your older brothers or something?" 

"What's your name?" I asked.


"Well Stiles... No where close to being my brothers. I'm the oldest in my family... That is number one... #2 We are rivals!" I said.

"Imagine you were our little sister... That is very easy to imagine." Darien said.

"Wait, Wait, wait... Who is Darien and who is Demetri?" Stiles asked. 

"Light haired one, Darien. Dark haired, Demetri." I said.


I noticed what Demetri was gonna do.


"Stiles, run!" I said.


Demetri grabbed him by his neck.

Scott tried to stop Demetri but Darrien grabbed Scott by his neck.

I growled.

I was pissed but I couldn't do anything to help.

Derek ran and kicked Darien's face causing him to drop Scott and fall back, and kicked Demetri's which made him drop Stiles.

Stiles took a deep breaths.

"Run away! I can handle this!" Derek said.

"No use when they are after me. Stiles and Scott go to class!" I said as Scott helped Stiles to class.

"Rachel are you gonna run?" Demetri asked.

"No. Derek leave!" I said.


"So you have Derek to protect you? He isn't like Harry, The Hybrid." Demetri said.

"This is the only reason you came after me here? Your afraid of Harry?" I asked.

"Hm... I think it is time you run." Demetri said.

"Run Rachel!" I started to run but Darien beat me and stabbed me in the stomach with his claws.

"Agh... S-stop..." I said feeling death.

Derek couldn't help me, Demetri and him were fighting and I didn't have the strength to take off my bracelet and ring.


Darien threw me against the floor.


"You like the feeling Monroe?" He asked.

"This is what you get for clawing my face." He said.

"AHHH!!!" I said it in a growl causing my teacher Mr. Burns to come out.


Demetri and Darien were gone and Derek was running out before he got caught.


"Rachel! What happened?!" Mr.Burns asked.

"Nothing..." I said clutching my stomach.

"You need to go to the hospital!" He said.

"No I can't." I said.

"Emergency contacts?" He asked.

"I'm fine, no one needs to find out Mr.Burns." I said and I couldn't even get up.

"You lost a lot of blood Rachel, how are you surviving?" He asked.

"Get Amber! She'll know what to do."I said.


Mr.Burns ran.


I couldn't breath.


My eyes slowly closed.


Waiting for help.


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