The Hybrid

I thought, he was normal. Just a normal average guy. But he isn't. He is far from normal. Supernatural. How...... Can this be? It seems..... impossible to be true.


3. She has finally awoken

Rachel's P.O.V

My eyes open up and I seen Harry. 


"Your a vampire too?! What the hell?" I said.


He was snarling at me.


"What did I do to deserve this?" I asked.

"We'll you didn't have to be born with delicious blood. Your blood smells so good to Harry he wants it." Louis said.


I got up feeling light headed and I fell, but I didn't hit the ground.


Harry caught me.


"You got to stop falling." Harry chuckled.

"I felt very light headed. What would you expect?"

"I don't know." Harry said and held me bridal style.


He sat on the couch with me on his lap and took some pills.

"A second ago you wanted to suck her blood, but she falls and your so quick that you catch her, carry her, place her on your lap, take blood pills to cool your thirst and act like nothing happened. What the hell Harry?" Zayn said.

"I overreacted over blood. Oops." Harry said taking pills.


"Rachel!! I'm so sorry!" Amber said.

"It is fine. I'm sorry. It is my fault. We fight over stupid things." I said.

"Tell me about it." Amber said.


"Ahem.. I have a question for you Rachel what exactly happened? By the way my name is Paul the boys manager." 

"Well, I was in the woods and Harry came. We talked the moon came out and he started shaking and I asked if he was okay, he told me to run away I asked why, he turned around then I seen his red eyes, sharp teeth, and he got hairier. Then he growled at me then I ran. I ran into a black wolf, I'm guessing who was Zayn.--"

"Yeah it was me." He said.

"I was then surrounded by all of them noticing that it was One Direction. When the moon went behind the clouds, they all went back to normal--"

"*Cough*Shifted*cough*" Liam said.

"Whatever and I seen them naked I was confused so I fainted." I finished.

"That is what you get for watching and reading twilight too much." Amber said.

"You guys surrounded her?" Paul said.

"Who knows? On full moons it is my wolves time to shine!" Louis said.

"Plus if I surrounded you, it would be for a reasonable reason." Harry said.

And he whispered this in my ear, "My wolf doesn't kill its mate. It growls for you. It wants you." 

He looked at me and winked.


I looked at my lap and blushed.

"Harry you dirty fool!" Louis said slapping his arm.

"Wait, I'm your mate?" I asked surprised.

"That is what I think but no one else believes me." Harry said.

"We are unsure." Paul said.

"Don't you guys have families?"

"My family live in US." Amber said.


*Awkward Silence*


"How bout your family Rachel?" Louis said.

"They died in a house fire when I was 6." I said remembering what exactly happened.

"We are so sorry Rachel." Paul said.

"There was a big reason and you know." Harry said.

"Amber can we go home?" I asked wanting to leave.

I got off of Harry's lap.


I was about to walk to the door but Harry blocked it.


"Move Harry. You don't wanna piss me off." I said.

"No. I'm a pure blood and an alpha. I am not afraid of a human." He said.

"So your not afraid of a human..." I said.

"I'm not afraid of a hybrid." I said.

"And I don't think my mate wants to hurt me." 

"I have stuff that are only stuff I need to know. I'm still hunting the bastard that burnt the house."

"Since the age of 10, I have been hunting him." 

"Harry, I'm exactly like you. I'm just being protected." I said and left.





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