The Hybrid

I thought, he was normal. Just a normal average guy. But he isn't. He is far from normal. Supernatural. How...... Can this be? It seems..... impossible to be true.


20. Rachel's Powers?

Rachel's P.O.V

I looked at him he was angry and sad.

"Louis? What happened?"

"Where is Harry?"

"He is coming. He'll be here soon." I said.

"When he comes, I'll explain. I don't want to explain it twice."

"Okay." I said.


Harry's P.O.V

I woke up touching the pain that was coming from my neck.


The I remembered. Demetri sented a memory to me.


I will not remember it. It's too painful.


I walked through the woods following Louis scent.

I found Louis holding Eleanor with Rachel sitting in front of him.


"Harry." Louis voice cracked.

"It was the alpha wasn't it." Harry said.

"Yeah. I'm worried she might not turn." Louis said.


"I smell more blood." Rachel said. It was mine." 

"Eleanor isn't bleeding anymore." Louis said.

"Harry?" Rachel said with her small voice.


I clutched the back of my neck as I bled. 


"Harry?" She said and held the back of my neck.

"Rachel... Ugh." I groan.

"What happened?" 

"I'm fine." 


Her eyes flickered red and went back to her normal eyes.


"You healed." She said.

"I did?" I was confused I was healed, but the memory haunts me.

"Harry are you okay?"

"Yeah. I'm fine." 


She wasn't buying it but she let it go.


"Can we get Eleanor to the house?" Louis asked.

"Yeah. Let's do that." I said and we all walked to the house.


*At the House*


Rachel's P.O.V

I was staying at the boys house for the night.


"Perrie offered you this dress to wear." Zayn said giving me the dress.

"No!" Harry yelled.

"Harry what's wrong with you?!" I asked.

"I-I just wanted you to wear my shirt." He said smiling and I blushed.


After I was wearing one of his shirts and a clean pair of boxers.


We were both laying in his bed, cuddling.


"I have to go downstairs to talk to the boys. You need to get some rest." He said.

"But Im wide awake!" I said assuring him.

"Try to sleep. I'll be back." He said giving me a kiss and leaving.


I laid in bed staring at the cealing.


I Decided to check on Eleanor.


I walked out of the room, making sure no one saw me or heard me as I walked to Eleanor's room.


She didn't look pale at all.


She looked normal.


I sat at the edge of the bed, "Hey, Eleanor. It's me."

"I know we haven't really met, but I can't tell you my name yet." I lifted up her shirt revealing the bite.

"I'm afraid you might hear me,"


I placed my hand on the bite.


My eyes flashed red.


"Louis might find out. He'll be beyond angry." I said.

"You are, gonna make it." I said smiling.

"I gotta go. See you in the morning El." I said leaving the room.


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