The Hybrid

I thought, he was normal. Just a normal average guy. But he isn't. He is far from normal. Supernatural. How...... Can this be? It seems..... impossible to be true.


1. How it all began.

I'm Rachel. You can call me Rach (Pronounce: Ray-ch). I have dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and tan skin. I'm 5'5. I'm 16.


How it all began...


"Rachel! Come on let's go!" My friend Amber called.

"Can't you see I'm reading?" 

"Your head back into that twilight book? Your so into vampire and werewolf's. Do you believe they are real?" Amber said looking at me with a fake pout.

"I don't believe in them. It is very interesting and addicting!!" I said still reading.


Amber took the book out of my hands and slammed it closed.


"Hey!!! I don't know what page I was on!" 

"Rachel, please come with me to the moonlight music festival. Do you think I wanna go alone?"

"Sure if that floats your boat." 

"We'll it doesn't so your coming with me. Please?" 

"Fine. But if you ever, EVER... Do that to me when I'm reading my book.... I'll kill you..." I said with a serious tone.

"You would never kill me cause you love me." Amber said skipping around.

"You will see what kind of love I have for you when you close my book next time." 

"Whatever just dress up." Amber said.


I went to my bedroom.


I grabbed red skinny jeans, with a with T-shirt that says "I Don't Care", with my black leather jacket and my combat boots.

I put on lip gloss and left my hair how it was, wavy. 


Then I went back to the lounge.


"That was quick." Amber said.

"Yeah. Let's go before it's 8. I heard the moons coming out at 8:30." I said.

"Okay." She said.


Amber and I walked out of the house into her car. 


Then we were off.


*30 minutes later*

"Amber it is 8:20! We aren't gonna get there on time!" I said.

"It is not my fault your head was in a book for an hour." She said.

"It is not my fault that you call the longer way the shorter way!" I argued back.


We continued arguing for 5 minutes and reached to the music festival.


"Peace!" I said.

"Where do you think your going?" She said pissed.

"Somewhere your not!" I said and ran.


I ran where no one could see me and cried.


I hated when Amber and I got into fights.


"Hey why are you crying?" I heard a voice.


I turned around and seen a guy.

Curly hair, green eyes, tall and cute.


"I'm fine. Just go enjoy the festival." I said wiping my tears and my anger replacing my tears.


He came closer.


"You are not like other girls." He said.

I noticed it was Harry Styles.


"I smelt the nicest thing ever and it was coming from you." He said and I blushed.

"I never knew I put that much perfume." I said sniffing myself.


Weird. The perfume wasn't that strong.


He noticed what he said cause I seen his eyes go wide.


"Anyways why were you crying?" He asked.

"I just got into a fight with my best friend. I was mad and I needed to cool of so I cried." I said.

"Oh. Well I'm Harry." 

"I think I noticed that. I'm Rachel, but you can call me Rach."

"Lovely name." He said and shook my hand.


The moon started coming from behind the clouds.


Harry started shaking.


"Harry are you okay?" I asked touching his arm.

"Run! Run away!" He said.

"Why?" I asked.


He turned away from me then looked back at me and growled and I saw.


His red eyes, fangs or cannies, he got harrier (see what I did there) and claws came.


He roared, I screamed and ran.


I ran far, but I had stopped. There was a black were wolf I front of me, light brown haired one on my left, a dark browned haired one on my right, and 2 dark browned haired ones behind me.


It was Harry.


I firgured something.


5 wolves surrounding me,

4 had brown hair,

3 had dark brown,

2 with blue eyes, I was surrounded by

1 direction...





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