The Hybrid

I thought, he was normal. Just a normal average guy. But he isn't. He is far from normal. Supernatural. How...... Can this be? It seems..... impossible to be true.


10. Finding the Witnesses

Harry's P.O.V

Rachel had a couple of tests and was allowed to leave the hospital the next day.

I stayed at Rachel and Amber's house.


Rachel stayed home from school so basically that was a reason why I was there.

Amber went to school and was put on a mission to look for Stiles and Scott.

Niall was around the school area making sure nothing weird would happen and making sure Darien and Demetri wouldn't come for her.


"Harry?" Rachel asked me while we watched television.


"Do you have any blood pills?" 

"Your hungry?" 



She was probably hungry from when she lost blood the other day.

"Yeah I have them, but you can suck on my blood if you want." I said handing her the pills.

"No I won't. I already bit you before. Not again." She said.


But I knew that she would bite me again.


Amber's P.O.V

Niall and I got to school. 

He was in his car making sure no one bad would harm the students or get in the school.


I walked into the school to my locker getting all my books in my locker and bumping into Allison and Lydia.


"Hey Amber." Allison said.

"Hey Allison......... Do you know where I can find Scott and Stiles?" I asked hoping I could find them before the bell rang.

"No, why?" Allison asked thinking about--

"Allison! I'm dating someone! Scott and I aren't even that close!"I said with my eyes wide open.

"I know where Stiles is." Lydia said.

"Where?!" I asked looking at the girl who had the same hair colour and similar eyes as me.

"He is probably at his locker with Scott."

"Thank you Lydia!" I said and started running until I spotted the two.

"Sc--" *bell rings*

"Damn." I said walking to class, but I smiled noticing I was in a class with them.


I walked into the class sitting in front of Stiles.


It was Mr. Burns' class.


I wrote a note about to pass it to Stiles, but Mr. Burns saw me and grabbed the note.

"There is no note passing in my class Miss Nicole. I'm going to read this out loud to the class." He said. 




"Stiles, can you and Scott come to my place after school,  my friends and I need to ask you questions about yesterdays incident." He said and the class laughed.

"This isn't funny. This is serious. Why couldn't you tell them after class or something?" He said.

"I don't know, but can you guys come?"

"Yeah." They both said.


Mission accomplished.


After 2 more classes it was lunch. 

I sat beside Lydia and Allison.


"So what's---"

"OMG! I forgot my homework in class!!" I said and got up running out of the cafeteria.

I bumped into Stiles.

"Hey.. Where are you going?" He said.

"I forgot my homework in Mr.Burns class."

"I just came from there I forgot my homework too. He said he wanted to be alone." He said.

"well don't care. I don't need to get in trouble for not doing my homework because I forgot it." I said .

"Well... I'm coming with you." He said.

"Okay." I said and started walking towards Mr. Burns room...

"I-I--" I was cut off by Scott.

"Smell blood."

"Yeah." All three of us walked towards Mr. Burns classroom with the smell of blood getting stronger.


We walked in his classroom.

"Where is Mr.Burns?" 

"Who knows."

I went into my desk for my homework.


"U----u-u-um guys... I found Mr.Burns." Scott said.

"Oh God!" Stiles jumped.

"Oh my god... Tell me this is fake... It is a joke.... I'm dreaming." I said about to cry.


I got up and seen Mr.Burns hung over the door frame...... Dead.


"I know who done it." Scott said and continued," They are in the school..... Darien and Demetri."

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