The One I Love

Being abused by your dad wasn't enough... well that's how Christine feels right after the big bad 1D crew come to school and makes her life worse


1. dont get mad !!!!

A/N: sorry guys if my movella is bad plz tell me that and I will stop ahead of time... so listen this is my first time writing so don't hate me if it sucks.....

Christine's POV

you can say that I might be the luckiest girl on earth or that I am too pretty to have problems and if you do your wrong. I know I am not a princess living in a castle but no ones perfect right? I know myself I am very insecure don't hate me for it, its just who I am. first thing about me I think you should know is that I am and always was abused by my dad. I have two sisters and one baby step mom died in a car accident others just say my dad killed her ( which I hope isn't true) well the abusing all started when I was little when I got bad grades in school there was always  a wire he would get and beat me with that if it wasn't  a wire it would be something new each time. the last time I had seen him was the worst I was playing with my cousin Ella and  she had started to yell at me so of coruse I yell back and my dad had got mad and started to scream at me because I hardly see Ella and when we do speak we are always  fighting " you are  ways creating problems you little bitch leave Ella alone" he yelled. "I don't give a shit about her she's a devil" I reply angrily. Before I could even finish my sentence he had me by my neck slamming me against the wall breacking my grandma's table after that I remember waking up in a hospital.

A/N: Tell me if you guys want me to continue and I will

luv u all bye

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