Outcasts and misfits

Bullied and Lonely thats two ways most people refer to Lucy as but what they don't know that she is Talented and has been through a lot one day Lucy is babysitting little 4 year old cousin for the last time when she meets her cousin she has a plan but something goes wrong making her feel so guilty


7. thoughts Zayns POV

Me Lucy Harry Louis and Niall were in the pool talking about our childhood Lucy looked like she was about to say something when Liam came back with the biggest smile on his face

"Guess what!!!!!" he squealed

"What" we all said at once 

"I met a girl I think I might be in love"  I tried not to laugh

"Whats her name" Harry said


"Sydney what" Lucy asked

"I don't know " 

we had a conversation about how he can't be in love that quick but he took none of it his mind was set on Sydney.

" Hey guy watch!" we all heard Louis scream as he cannon-balled into the pool and smacked into the water 

"oww.." he groaned grasping is stomach with his hand 

"Oh my gosh Louis are you ok?" Lucy was worried but she looked so cute when she was scared ....she always looks cute Niall snapped me out of my thoughts by splashing me with water it built up into a water fight and I was the obvious target...

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