Outcasts and misfits

Bullied and Lonely thats two ways most people refer to Lucy as but what they don't know that she is Talented and has been through a lot one day Lucy is babysitting little 4 year old cousin for the last time when she meets her cousin she has a plan but something goes wrong making her feel so guilty


3. The boys and bullies

Soon we realised how late it was

"Coral its time for bed" Zayn said to a half asleep Coral as he carried her to the first guest room soon Zayn  came down

"oh by the way did you ask your friends to come over" I didn't want him to ditch his mates but he needed to be my friend I needed Little Coral

"Yeah is that alright my mates Harry Liam Niall and Louis  are coming but you know their names right" I nodded we sat down and Listened to music when there was a knock on the door  

"I will get it" Zayn jumped up to get the door 

"so Zayn  who's house is this?" Harry asked 

"oh Corals babysitter Lucy she is a directioner you know" Zayn answered

"should I cover my ears?" Niall laughed 

"no she is not a screamer" They walked into the front room to where I was I sat on the sofa as if this was a normal thing .We sat down and Listened to the music on the telly when my phone went off oh look a message from Tanya 

Tanya ' thebabe ' smith - Hello loser 

Lucy Moore - what do you want 

Tanya ' thebabe ' smith - why don't you kill yourself no one likes you in fact you would be doing us a favour 

How I hated Tanya I ran upstairs I couldn't let them see me like this I sat on my bed and cried silently


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