Outcasts and misfits

Bullied and Lonely thats two ways most people refer to Lucy as but what they don't know that she is Talented and has been through a lot one day Lucy is babysitting little 4 year old cousin for the last time when she meets her cousin she has a plan but something goes wrong making her feel so guilty


6. meeting Sydney Liams POV

Zayn had to take Coral home as she was homesick, I think Lucy went to bed and me and louis' Niall and Harry watched some dvd that was in the front room but I fell asleep after about 3 minutes I woke up to the smell of bacon Lucy was making breakfast

"Hello Lucy" she jumped back startled

"you scared me do that again and your gone mate" I laughed

"eerrrmmm so are you busy today" I asked

"No, I never am being as unpopular as i am" She sighed 

" oh, would you like to go swimming with us" she nodded 

Soon we were all awake and ready to go ... exept Lucy she was taking longer than Zayn

"LUCY HURRY UP" Harry was obviously impatient lucy was walking down the stairs we all jumped in Louis van and drove to the swimming center 

                                                                    SKIP CAR JOURNEY

we headed to the changing rooms again lucy taking her time, We all walked over to the deep end held hands and 

"3 2 1!!!!!" Niall shouted and we jumped into the freezing cold water after all groaning about how cold it was I had to use the toilet so I got out and bumped into the prettiest girl with light brown hair golden highlights and blue bangs with dark brown hypnotizing eyes in a leopard print swing costume she looked at me 

"Oh my gosh are you Liam Payne I love you! ... wow that sounds creepy... forget I said anything" I smiled shes adorable 

"Its ok, whats your name beauty" she blushed 'she totally loves me' i thought

"Sydney" she suddenly went all shy "can i have a picture"

"Sure thing sydney" I got a piece of crumpled paper in my pocket and wrote 

Sydney heres my number (I am not telling you my number but i gave it to sydney) 

love Liam Payne xx

I slid it into her hand as we took the picture and ran off she read it

"OH  MY  GOODNESS" She screamed 

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