Outcasts and misfits

Bullied and Lonely thats two ways most people refer to Lucy as but what they don't know that she is Talented and has been through a lot one day Lucy is babysitting little 4 year old cousin for the last time when she meets her cousin she has a plan but something goes wrong making her feel so guilty


8. Falling for the plan Lucys POV

When we got back I looked at the calender and wept I forgot today its been exactly 3 years since the plane crash 

"Lucy? are you ok" I saw Zayn who looked worried I couldn't talk 

"What is it?" He asked I pointed to the calender which said 

July 31st:

3 years since Plane crash 

I decided to speak " My parents and sister were on their way back from spain to see my aunt who was in hospital I stayed with my nan the Plane crashed and Killed my dad and sister my mum was so upset she ran away I still don't know where she is or if she is even alive " I gulped fighting the temptation to burst 

"Hey, don't cry I know life can really suck but you have us now" he gave me a hug ...oh how I love his hugs I think i like him ....a lot

but why would a guy like that fall for a mess

fall for a wimp

fall for a mistake

fall for an outcast

fall for a misfit 

or in other words ........

why would he even consider falling for someone like me 

we pulled out of the hug 

" Look I know this isn't the time but I knew about your plan I was going to give you flowers and I saw your phone a text from cecile talking about 'the plan' aka me and at first I felt rotten and changed the note I felt so bad about it because before I altered it it was true it still is now" He handed me some red roses with note before he altered it, It said 

I love you 

but now it says 

I thought I loved you 

"Wait ....you like me " I said i was going red so was he when....

"ZAYN!!! CAN WE TALK TO YOU" Harry and niall both screamed


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