Outcasts and misfits

Bullied and Lonely thats two ways most people refer to Lucy as but what they don't know that she is Talented and has been through a lot one day Lucy is babysitting little 4 year old cousin for the last time when she meets her cousin she has a plan but something goes wrong making her feel so guilty


2. Coral and ....WHO?!

When I got home I was so happy because I babysit this one girl called Coral she is 4 and she has short blonde hair and Blue eyes she is so playful and joyful but she starts school soon and I will never see her again but I have a plan .... Tonight her cousin who Is my age is coming to pick her up so if I become friends with him/her I can see Coral again I will feel so bad for using them but coral is worth it. I sat down playing a board game with Coral when the doorbell rang here goes nothing I answered the door to a boy in a hoodie and shades

"Hello I am here to pick up Coral" he said

"Hello I am Lucy please come in" He came in and sat next to Coral I needed to think of something 

"Would you like some tea?" I asked maybe he likes tea

"Yes please but then we have to go" oh no they are leaving soon when coral butted in

"I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE LUCY" She started crying I had a chance

"You can stay the night" I said to the boy wishing for more time

"I promised my friends that I would go to theirs" What do I do ah what if i say

"They can stay too" He looked at me and sighed he gave in 

"Ok errmm Lucy may I talk to you" he led me upstairs 

" you don't know my name yet" He said I forgot about that

"What is your name" I asked he looked at me 

"what music do you listen to?" that was a random question but I need to be his friend so I answered

"All sorts Guns 'n' Roses The Beatles The feeling Adele and One Direction"  He looked at me 

"ok...well here goes nothing" he took his hat off "Hello Lucy I am Zayn Malik " It was him what is going on I thought 

"oh so you come in here to pick up coral in my house and your Zayn Malik  thats not weird" he laughed 

" I am just happy I am not deafened by screaming" He smiled

"I am not that kind of girl" This may or may not be a lot easier than I expected 

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