We Need Each Other

What happens when good girl Zoë Everdeane,
bad girl, and one direction obsessed,
Brooke Matthews, and girly girl, Gail Sage meet the biggest
Boy band, one direction. What will happen
When they bump into them at a carnival?
Find out in "We Need Each Other"


7. Chapter 7 'Harry' "A dedicated fan"

Umm are you One Direction?" Brooke said. "Yes Love. Are you a fan?" She laughed and smirked. "Are you kidding me? All my bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets, and my tee-shirts are all dedicated to you guys. In case you haven't seen my outfit." She said laughing again. "Well love," Niall said. "I happen to love the front of your shirt." "Thanks, but you should see the rest of my shirts." "Do you happen to have a Zayn or Harry shirt?" Zayn asked. "Hahahahahahahahahaha-no...." Zayn and I frowned.

"Just kidding!! Of course. I have every single Directioner shirt there is." She said "What's your name love?" Zayn pretended. Brooke took off her bracelet and handed it to Zayn. "Read it hon." "Brooke," Zayn read. Brooke took it back smiling. "Hey!" Niall exclaimed. "Hay is for horses love." Brooke said smirking. We all burst out laughing about how dumb that was and Niall managed to choke out "Lets. Switch. Numbers." Between his laughing. We gave each other our numbers, but when I gave Brooke my number, I forgot that I had already put it in. And my contact name came out as 
'Harry Styles (ur future BF). My face turned as red as Niall's red polo. "Ummm.." Brooke said. "What the?" "Huh," I said acting clueless. "That's weird... Umm bye Brooke we have to go." I dragged the boys away from a very confused looking Brooke. 

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