We Need Each Other

What happens when good girl Zoë Everdeane,
bad girl, and one direction obsessed,
Brooke Matthews, and girly girl, Gail Sage meet the biggest
Boy band, one direction. What will happen
When they bump into them at a carnival?
Find out in "We Need Each Other"


4. Chapter 4 'Brooke' "Surprise, surprise..."

After that encounter with my IDOLS!!! I decided I needed to take a walk and clear my head. I shoved my hands in my pockets and tried taking in the warm summer air. I found a park next to the carnival and went underneath a willow tree. "Whoa..." I said. When I stepped inside I found a cute little bench. The willow tree was amazing it was like a little inclosed house. I curled up on the bench, took out my phone and began to read a book. When I finished a chapter I fell asleep, and was about to get up and leave, until I heard voices; deep masculine voices. "So yeah. Louie was sitting with a ginger named Zoë. And then when I was leaving I bumped into some chic with blonde hair and pink tips. She began to talk to the Zoë girl." Said the first voice. Another voice laughed. Did you happen to catch her number?" "No Zayn! Said the first voice. 'Wait...' I thought. 'He said Zayn! And not just everyone is named Zayn!' I thought. The first voice spoke again. "And I, am not that big of a player." "Yeah sure Harry" came an Irish voice. 'Wait...' I thought again. 'I'm smart. I obviously can put two and two together. So part of One Direction is obviously about to come inside this Willow tree!! And I'm inside it too!!' As they finally came in, I pretended to be asleep, and luckily. The bench was big enough to shield me from the boys. "Hey!" Came Niall's voice. Look at that bench. C'mon mates. Lets sit." Niall was the first to the bench. "What the?" Niall said. I couldn't see him because I was still pretending to be asleep. 



Hey My lil' snowflakes!!! I doubt anyone is reading this but I luv y'all!!

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