We Need Each Other

What happens when good girl Zoë Everdeane,
bad girl, and one direction obsessed,
Brooke Matthews, and girly girl, Gail Sage meet the biggest
Boy band, one direction. What will happen
When they bump into them at a carnival?
Find out in "We Need Each Other"


15. Chapter 14 'Brooke' "Learning About You"

I switched on the TV as everyone left the room. "Esmeks mey". Niall said. "What?" I said. "Escuze mey!" He said, again. "Yes?" I said. "Can youu tabk dis rope opff mey pease?" I laughed. "Sure." I untied Niall's hands and  and he untied his legs and took off the duct tape.  "Thanks." He said, sitting up. "I don't think we've officially met." He said, putting out his hand, for me to shake. "I'm Niall... Niall Horan." He said, flashing his pearly white grin. "I'm Brooke... Brooke Mathews." I said, joking around with him. He smiled and motioned towards the TV. "Wanna watch Spongebob?" He asked. "Oh course!" I replied. So for a bit we watched Spongebob. After three short episodes, Niall turned off the TV. "Sorry. I just wanna talk. Maybe we can take a walk or something." I nodded and smiled. "That would be fun." Niall took me out for Ice cream and I actually ate it faster them him. Well 2.4 seconds faster them him. We talked. He told me all about him. He told me one time he was singing in the car and his aunt tried putting it louder until she realized she thought Niall was the radio. I told him that I was a pro boxer and pro gymnast. He told me of his family, his heartbreaks, his best friends, and his compliments made me feel like I was a princess. I told him how I was bullied on the first day of middle school until I nocked out the mean girls. I instantly fit in with the hipster crowd. With my pink tips and my handmade scarves. I told him how Gail, Zoë, and I have been friends since Middle school. Zoe with her books and shyness and Gail standing proudly in her tutu, high heels, and girly hairstyles... And me. With my killer blue eyes, pink tips, and my oversized sweaters. 


BONJOUR! Hey guys..... Bye:)

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