We Need Each Other

What happens when good girl Zoë Everdeane,
bad girl, and one direction obsessed,
Brooke Matthews, and girly girl, Gail Sage meet the biggest
Boy band, one direction. What will happen
When they bump into them at a carnival?
Find out in "We Need Each Other"


14. Chapter 13 'Zoë' "The Date"

"Sorry about Gail." I said. "She can be... Overprotective of us." Harry nodded and sat down. Zayn shoved his hands in his pocket. "Um" he said, shyly. "I'm gonna go talk to her." Everyone watched as Zayn rushed away. "Well." Niall said. "That was unexpected." We all nodded in reply. An awkward silence began, but was soon interrupted by Harry. "Well Zoë." He said. "I think it's time for our date." I nodded and he took my hand. Ushering me to the door. Once we were outside, Harry smiled. "You're gonna love where I'm taking you." I smiled in return. "I bet I will." He smiled at me and we crusaded down the streets of London. "Alright," he said. "Close your eyes. We're almost there." He walked me around for a bit, and then I was standing still. "Ready?" He asked. "Yes." I said. I opened my eyes and he kissed me! "What the?" I asked. He smiled. "Harry! I barely even know you!" I said. He frowned. "But I thought-" "You thought wrong. I'm sorry Harry but I know you don't like me. You obviously like Gail. Even if you don't even know her. But I know she's your type." Harry nodded at me. "I'm sorry Zoë. It's just that... Well I, I wanted a girlfriend because I was jealous of the rest of the lads. Practically all of them had girlfriends. I'm really sorry Zoë." I nodded. "It's alright. I understand. Well we might as well get going." Then I looked around me. Harry and I burst into laughter.  "You might want to wait until we're off the London Eye." Harry said, laughing. I nodded. "Oops." 

We talked and watched the view 'till the ride was over. We walked back to my house, silently. Gail answered the door on the first nock. When she answered the door she was covered with food. "Get. That. Irish. Boy. Out. Of. My. Kitchen. NOW!" Harry and I laughed. "I know what to do. I'll be right back." He ran into the kitchen. There was a sounding of pans crashing and things being thrown, but then it was silent. Gail and I looked at each other confused as Harry and Brooke ran out holding Niall. Niall was duck taped and tied up. "Well!" Harry said. "I'm just going to put him on the couch.." Harry literally threw Niall on the couch and sat down. "I'm going to go clean myself up." Gail said, leaving the room. Brooke sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. "I'm going to clean up the kitchen." I said. Harry stood up. "I'll help." We cleaned the kitchen in silence, cracking jokes once in a while. 

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