We Need Each Other

What happens when good girl Zoë Everdeane,
bad girl, and one direction obsessed,
Brooke Matthews, and girly girl, Gail Sage meet the biggest
Boy band, one direction. What will happen
When they bump into them at a carnival?
Find out in "We Need Each Other"


11. Chapter 10 'Zoë' "Boys Like Girls Part 1"

*Zoë* I sighed and began driving. "I totally screwed up, Brooke! I was about to ask Louie out and then Harry charmed me and he asked me out. I said yes! And Louie knows what happened and all and then he took Harry to talk. And he looked pretty angry!! Am I a bad person? Am I? Am I? Am I a player or something?!?!" When I was done Brooke smirked. "First of all... Breath. And yeah you seem a bit different. I mean I've never heard of you doing anything close to bad." She uncrossed her arms and blushed, as I pulled up into my driveway. "We need to talk. When we get inside." She said, nervously. Wait... Brooke is nervous. That's not Brooke! Being nervous is me! What the heck is going on with us?

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