High school and justin bieber *sequel*

this is the sequel to high school and Justin bieber so I suggest if you haven't read that yet then read it before you read this.


11. what ar you doing here?

being on Ellen was a really good experience for me. but the one bad thing is most of the time we talked about Justin, like usual. i drove home from going to lunch with my friend and Justin was in my drive way.

Savannah: Justin what on earth are you doing here your supposed to be on tour right now?

Justin: i got a brake off for a week or two so i cant hang out with some friends and family, and just get a brake

Savannah: oh well what are you doing here?

Justin: i came to see you

Savannah: Justin its to soon for us to be hanging out and being friends like we were, people will think different things and then well get drama and the press will be in mine and your face and i cant handle that right now i'm still new to this business.

Justin: i know were not together and you know were not together so what does it matter what everyone else thinks about us, Savannah if i stopped everything i wanted to do just because i didn't want to deal with the press i would have no life, everything i do gets in the magazines and people talk about it and that's not fare to me but i cant let them just control my life and you cant either

Savannah: i cant do this right now Justin i'm not ready for this sorry

Justin: ok fine, just don talk to me, i am trying Savannah and everything i do isn't good enough for you i came here first because i wanted to see you i haven't seen my friends or my family.

Savannah: that was your choice not mine, what did you expect me to be cool with everything that is going to happen if we start hanging out again?

Justin: i didn't think you would act like this, have a  nice life bye Savannah.

Savannah: bye Justin

A/N: i am so sorry for not writing a lot i have been really busy this summer and i promise i will try and write every day. i cant write for the weekend because i have to go to Rhode Island, but ill try to write before i leave tomorrow... have a goo day all of you=)

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