High school and justin bieber *sequel*

this is the sequel to high school and Justin bieber so I suggest if you haven't read that yet then read it before you read this.


3. welli was wrong

I just told my ex boyfriend that o love him and I have a boyfriend and he's my best friends boyfriend. this is just wrong.

Savannah: this is wrong

Justin: what's wrong about the fact that your boyfriend and my girlfriend are most likely cheating on us with each other and that we both still love each other?

Savannah: Justin I have a boyfriend and you have a girlfriend and we don't know for a fact that there cheating on us with each other and Brielle is my best friend and you and Austin are pretty close, we cant be together i'm sorry Justin.

I left. I don't know why but I cant do this again with him and I love Austin and he loves Brie. I drove home thinking about everything that had happened and I know I need to confront Austin about everything.

Savannah: Austin we need to talk.

Austin: hi to you to

Savannah: sorry hi

Austin: it fine are you ok? you seem upset.

Savannah: I have to ask you something and you need to be honest with me and if you are honest I wont be mad I promise?

Austin: Savannah I promise ill tell the truth

Savannah: are you cheating on me with Brie?

Austin: what? are you kidding?

Savannah: nope I'm definitely not kidding

Austin: Savannah I would never cheat on you and definitely not with Brie that's your best friend and my best friends girlfriend

Savannah: are you cheating on me with someone else?

Austin: no of course not Savannah I love you and only you I could never do that

Savannah: i'm sorry Austin I just was worried I cant lose you like I lost Justin to Brie its just she is always wanting the guys i'm with and I really love you Austin and I cant have you be taking away from me like all the other boyfriends I've had.

Austin: I love you its fine that you feel this way with the guys your with, you've been through  lot and you need to understand I will never hurt you I love you more then anything

Savannah: your such a sweetheart and I love you for it

Austin: I know

Savannah: well I need to talk to Justin we had an argument and I think he's mad at me

Austin: what was it about?

Savannah: just best friend kind of stuff, love you bye

Austin: love you to bye

I need to talk to Justin as much as I love Justin I cant leave Austin he's so good to me and he makes me happy and I love him. I drove to Justin's house and then I remembered that he wasn't home and he just left for the week to go to Canada. I walked in the house because it was unlocked and I need to make sure everything is locked up. I walked in his room and saw something I wish I never had.


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