High school and justin bieber *sequel*

this is the sequel to high school and Justin bieber so I suggest if you haven't read that yet then read it before you read this.


5. this is bd

i chose Brielle.

Brielle: thank you so much Savannah this is why were best friends

Savannah: yea i guess so, i have to go bye

Brielle: bye

i left because i couldn't del with it anymore how could i just choose her and not Justin after everything she has done to me, i guess i have to just deal with it and forget about what i just saw. i walked drove home and Justin was there.

Justin: hey

Savannah: why aren't you in Canada?

Justin: i wanted you to come with me

Savannah: why? why don't you bring Brie, she's your girlfriend you know and has a righto hang with you and your family

Justin: yea but my family already knows and loves so why not surprise them and bring my best friend, besides Brie doesn't want to go

Savannah: well i'm flattered but why doesn't she want to go?

Justin: she said she has other plans

Savannah: like what

Justin: she didn't tell me

Savannah: oh

this is killing me.

Justin: so do you want to come?

Savannah: yes i would be honored Mr. Bieber

Justin: then lets get you packed so we can leave

Savannah: Justin wait

Justin: what?

Savannah: Brielle is cheating on you

Justin: she-she what?

Savannah: Justin when i was done asking Austin if he was cheating on me i went to your house and remembered that you left so i wanted to go in the house to make sure everything was locked up so that no one could brake in, when i went to your room Brie was there with some guy and they were kissing and she told me i have to choose between you guys and i chose her because she's my best friend but i cant just lie to you and see you and know that your girlfriend is cheating on you so i had to tell you, i'm so sorry Justin.

Justin: who was the guy?

Savannah: i don't know i didn't see his face

Justin: oh, i cant believe she cheated on me

Savannah: i know i am so sorry

Justin: its fine

Savannah: are we still going to Canada?

Justin: yep i'm not going to let her ruin this for me

Savannah: ok then lets pack

i cant believe i just rated out my best friend, she is going to hate me.

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