High school and justin bieber *sequel*

this is the sequel to high school and Justin bieber so I suggest if you haven't read that yet then read it before you read this.


8. leave

i was shocked that he would even say that to me i thought he understood my situation.

Savannah: Justin i-

Justin: stop it i know what you going to say, you cant be with me because you have Austin and you love him.

Savannah: Justin i know that you love me but i cant just dump Austin and suddenly be with you that's wrong and that's rushing into things just like we did when we were together before, and its not fair that you just dropped this on me while were visiting your family.

Justin: what would be the right time then?!

Savannah: are you really going to yell at me in the middle of an airport when your dad and brother and sister are right over there?

Justin: i made a mistake bringing you

Savannah: Justin we can be friends

Justin: what if that's not what i want!?

Savannah: you don't want to be friends with me?

Justin: no i want to be with you, and i'm not just going to be alright with just being friends

Savannah: then what now?!

Justin: you take a plane back home and ill stay here with the people that actually love me

Savannah: your kidding right?!

Justin: nope now go!

Savannah: fine but i'm saying goodbye to your dad and the kids

Justin: go right ahead!

Savannah: your so dramatic you would rather loose me completely then be friends that shows you really don't love me

Justin: does it look like i care?

Savannah: your a jerk

Justin: thanks

i walked over to his dad

Jeremy: hey is everything ok with Justin you guys looked like you were fighting?

Savannah: well we were he wants me to go back home so i wanted to say goodbye

Jeremy: your not leaving were going to talk about this he cant just do that, the whole family cant wait to see you again.

Savannah: but-

Jeremy: not buts, Justin get over here now!

Justin: what?

Jeremy: i don't know what you guys were fighting about but you cant just make her leave that will disappoint everyone

Justin: so your taking her side and not mine?

Jeremy: Savannah please just stay Justin and you don't have to talk much just show that your not fighting

Savannah: i actually respect his choses unlike him

Justin: i respect it but i don't like it

Savannah: then why are you being a jerk to me!?

Justin: because i love you and i want to be with you and you don't feel the same way and that hurts me like crazy and i cant just look at you everyday when were here and have you talk to my family but about us being friends, Savannah i cant do it

he looked different he didn't look mad anymore he looked hurt and crushed, this hurt me.

Savannah: Justin i do love you and i do want to be with you but like i said i cant just leave him because i love him to, i'm sorry Jeremy but i have to leave i cant see Justin like this.

i just left and it felt like i was walking away from everything i loved and care about.

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