High school and justin bieber *sequel*

this is the sequel to high school and Justin bieber so I suggest if you haven't read that yet then read it before you read this.


7. i love you

I woke up the net morning and Justin wasn't with me so i got nervous because i'm scared of planes and i thought he just left.

Savannah: Justin!!

Justin: hey i'm right here are you ok?

Savannah: yea i just thought you left i was scared

Justin: oh i'm sorry i just needed to go pee

Savannah: its fine

Justin: are you hungry

Savannah: a little

Justin: ok do you want cereal or a bagel?

Savannah: cereal

Justin: ok lets go

we walked out of the room and Kenny was there sleeping on the couch so Justin decided to mess with him until he woke up.

Kenny: Justin i am going to kill you

Justin: not in front of her your not

Kenny: fine lets go into the room

Justin: i don't think Savannah will be very happy if you kill her best friend

Kenny: Savannah do you mind?

Savannah: yes i do.

Justin: ha

Kenny: shut up and get her some food

Justin: ok then

Savannah: hey Justin when are we landing in Canada?

Justin: in a few hours

Savannah: oh ok thanks

Justin: no problem

we ate our food and after a while we landed and i saw the kids running to us and Jeremy was trying to catch them.

Justin: hey guys

Justin gave them the biggest hug and it was the cutest thing ever

Jazzy: Savannah!

Savannah: hey nugget!

i gave her a hug while Jaxon was still hugging Justin and after that Jaxon gave me a hug.

Jeremy: Savannah its so nice to see you again the kids and i missed you so much

Savannah: aw i missed you guys too, they got big!

Jeremy: i know! so Justin where's your girlfriend i still haven't gotten to meet her?

Justin: oh um she uh-

Savannah: they broke up

Jeremy: really? why?

Justin: she cheated on me

Jeremy: wow, sorry kido

Justin: its fine

Jeremy: Savannah where's Austin?

Savannah: oh he's back home

Jeremy: so you guys are still together?

Savannah: yes we are

Jeremy: good for you i like that kid he's good for you

Savannah: yea he's a sweetie

Justin: Savannah can we talk for a minute?

Savannah: yea i guess, well be right back Jeremy

Jeremy: ok well be here

we walked over to a bench and sat down.

Savannah: what do you wan to talk about?

Justin: why did you tell my dad she cheated on me?

Savannah: because i didn't want you to have to lie to your parents and talk about her when you really don't want to

Justin: oh

Savannah: yea

Justin: are you and Austin going to stay together?

Savannah: i don't know

Justin: do you not like him anymore

Savannah: he just isn't right for me and i'm not right for him

Justin: Savannah i love you



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