High school and justin bieber *sequel*

this is the sequel to high school and Justin bieber so I suggest if you haven't read that yet then read it before you read this.


10. Ellen

its been 6 months sense Canada. a few weeks after we got back home me and Austin broke up and a week after me and Justin started dating again but 2 months later we broke up because he went on tour and i got a shot on a movie and it was a big hit and now i'm famous. Today i'm going on Ellen and i am really excited because i have always wanted to be on her show.

Ellen: ok guys now we are calling out a new face in the business Savannah James!

Savannah: hey! its so nice to see you and be on the show!

Ellen: aw thanks sweetie so how are things?

Savannah: great i might be doing another movie with Selena Gomez

Ellen: wow that's fantastic, you don't think that will a little awkward?

Savannah: awkward?

Ellen: well you both were with Justin bieber!

Savannah: oh yeah that aha no i don't think it will be weird i already met her and she is sweet and just amazing i love her already

Ellen: well that's good, anyways how are you and Justin?

Savannah: well you know we broke up, but were friends i mean we text sometimes and he's very happy for me and he is supporting me and he's just a great person as you might know

Ellen: he was with you before you got famous right?

Savannah: yes when he went back to high school for senior year it was my high school and we started out as friends then we dated for a short time then he dated my best friend and i was with Austin Mahone as you know and then me and Austin broke up so me and Justin got back together and then he went on tour and we broke up

Ellen: wow that's a lot of details

Savannah: yes we have been through a lot but were still friends and he's happy and i'm happy so that's all that counts right?

Ellen: of course, i have a question for you

Savannah: ok go for it

Ellen: there have been many photos of you and a Harry Styles out

Savannah: aha yes

Ellen: are you guys a thing?

Savannah: uh were friends

Ellen: so your not together?

Savannah: no we are not

Ellen: do you like him?

Savannah: maybe

Ellen: wow very secretive huh?

Savannah: well were friends and he's such a great guy and i adore him and if something happens it happens but i'm not searching for a boyfriend any time soon

Ellen: still into Justin?

Savannah: i mean i love him still but i don't know if we will or wont get back together

Ellen: well it was so nice talking to you, your a great girl

Savannah: aw thank you so much it has been awesome being on your show

i got up and left. the show was good but we talked about me and Justin the whole time just like usual.

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