High school and justin bieber *sequel*

this is the sequel to high school and Justin bieber so I suggest if you haven't read that yet then read it before you read this.


4. choosing

I in and saw Brie kissing someone but I didn't know who it was.

Savannah: oh my god!

Brielle: Savannah what are you doing here?!

Savannah: I was checking to make sure everything in the house was locked but then I walked in on whatever this was! your cheating on Justin how could you?

Brielle: Savannah you have to understand that I do love Justin and he love me but I don't think things will work out

Savannah: then why didn't you brake up with him instead of cheating on him!?

Brielle: I don't want to hurt him, it would crush him Savannah he cant know about this

Savannah: you think i'm just going to forget that I found you cheating on Justin?

Brielle: were best friends

Savannah: why would you think this would hurt him any less? you do realize that you pretty much took him from me and now you have the nerve to cheat on him!

Brielle: choose Savannah!

Savannah: choose what?

Brielle: my friendship or his

Savannah: you want me to choose between you guys?!

Brielle: uh yes

Savannah: no way you both mean a lot to mean this is why this whole situation is hard on me, I don't want to hurt him and I don't want to hurt you

Brielle: you need to choose then

Savannah: I-I-I choose

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