Two is Better Than One [Luke Hemmings & Niall Horan fanfic]

Jullianna Joumanah Kharelle Jones. In short, Jullianna Jones, moved from San Antonio to Sydney, Australia. She'll meet two boys who will fall inlove with her. Luke Hemmings and Niall Horan. She love both of them, but she'll only pick one. One of them cheated on her..What would she do? READ TO FIND OUT.


2. Chapter 1


We arrived outside the airport and climbed out the car. We entered the airport and sat down while waiting for our flight.

I went to take a weird picture and posted it on twitter. I retweeted and replied some of my friends' tweets.

"Flight 764 is now boarding." said the lady announcer. We stood up and entered a door to the airplane.

We entered the plane, and i found my seat. I sat and plugged my earphones. I hummed 'Boyfriend' by Justin Bieber. I love him. 

The song finished, and i stopped the songs and drifted off sleeping.
"Joumanaaah..." My mom's sweet voice said, shaking me.

"Mhhmmm." I hummed. I slightly opened my eyes but closed it again. 

"Julliannaaaa.." She said. Finally, i opened my eyes of dissappointment.

"What time are we landing?" I asked, narrowing my eyebrow.

"We were landing at 3 minutes." The attendant said,answering my question. I nodded and ready to turn my phone on.

We landed and quickly turned my phone on.


We arrived at our 'new' house. I gasped because it's really tha big. I couldn't describe--like omygosh!

My mom told me that she had two friends in here and a two-teen boys. I smiled. I real smile. I don't know why. (A/N: Lol)

We entered the front door and i looked over inside. I could see in the corner of my eyes, my mom smiling at me. I ignored it and kept smiling like crazy.

"We're going to meet the Horan's and the Hemmings tonight." She spoke breaking the awkward silence.

Horan's?! Hemmings?! That two names are very familiar to me. I think.... Think Julls think! That's when i remember something. Ohmygosh. THE NIALL HORAN AND THE LUKE FREAKING HEMMINGS. OMG OMG OMG OH MY FREAKI-

"JULLIANNA CALM DOWN!" My mom yelled. I chuckled. Sometime, i'm zoning out and started shouting that i didn't know. I'm weird sometimes.

"Okay..yeah--yeah." I said,sweating. Wow. Sweating,yeah.

I headed upstairs to my room to unpack.


I finished unpacking and entered the bathroom. I locked the door making sure no one will open it. And ripped my self naked.

I got out the bathroom after 15 minutes and checked the time. 7:20pm it's said. The Horan's and Hemming's will be here in 10 minutes. I should were something fancy like dresses or something.

Finally, i found my favourite. My Louche Elli Flower Dress,Missie Sparkle dollshoes and my Chanel Vintage earrings. I looked over my mirror and did something to my hair and applied some pink eye shadow.

To be honest, i looked really beautiful. Again, i checked the time and it was 7:30. I rushed downstairs and saw the Horan family and the Hemming's. I looked over to the cute two blonde boys at the corner.

I felt blood quickly attacked my cheeks. I smiled and nodded. In the inside, i was freaking out. I don't what i'd do. Just going to act cool.

I felt their eyes on me. As much as i really wanted to freak out, but i can't. I felt my knees almost fell.


Hey sexy peoples! New fanfic,eh?
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Oh i'll tell you why JJK.
Jullianna- is my name.
Joumanah- is my bff's name and
Kharelle- is my bff's name too.

I decided that i could put them together but its so long. When i first told my bff that was the name she laughed really hard that's why i love her so much(':

bye crazy mofos!! :)



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