Together Everafter (Accidental Fate Sequel!)

Alice finds herself on the same path as earlier, only it's real this time. Along side her best friends and boyfriend, she's learning to veer her life down the right path, rather the sticky one which occurred in her dream. Although, Alice still faces the big question, should she tell Harry about her dream? What would he think of her after that? Would he think she's nuts? Or completely understand? In the end will her horrific dream come to life? Or will Alice succeed in avoiding that sticky fate?
It's Yellow Rated, for language, and I MIGHT add some dirty scenes...I'm not sure how ya'll would like that though.


8. Chapter 7

Alice's POV:

No No No NO NO NO NO! This cannot be happening. I need to do something, and fast!

"WAIT!" I screamed causing everyone getting on the ride to stare at me. Quickly, Harry jogged over to me.

"What's wrong Al Bear?" 

"Uh..I want to ride?" I said, my voice dry. 

"Awesome! Let's go!" Harry exclaimed pulling me along. All i know is I'd rather puke on a ride then have my dream come true.


Worse. Ride. Of. My. Life.

I swear I puked my guts out once we got off the ride. That was so embarrassing.

Right now we're driving home since I puked earlier, Harry thought going home was the best option. Although, I'm not complaining, that's farther away from those crazy girls from my dream!


I guess Lily noticed something was up because when we go home she wouldn't stop asking me if something was wrong. I must admit I have been acting weird, I guess seeing the girls from my dream has got to my head..Soon enough she drug me into my room and is now keeping me here until i fess up.

"Alright! Alright! I'll tell you! Gosh!" I sighed.

"FINALLY!" She shouted.

"Okay...well tell me i'm overreacting...but..."
"BUT WHAT!? Come one Al what's got you acting like a freaking zombie?!"

"I saw the girls from my dream today at the same ride i got kidnapped at during my dream. My dream was coming true.." I explained as Lily's mouth dropped open.


Well there's the new chappy! Sorry I haven't updated as much! I'm super busy and sitting inside all day makes me feel lazy :0. But anyways please comment/favorite/like! When i get a good response it motivates me to update sooner/more often! 

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