Together Everafter (Accidental Fate Sequel!)

Alice finds herself on the same path as earlier, only it's real this time. Along side her best friends and boyfriend, she's learning to veer her life down the right path, rather the sticky one which occurred in her dream. Although, Alice still faces the big question, should she tell Harry about her dream? What would he think of her after that? Would he think she's nuts? Or completely understand? In the end will her horrific dream come to life? Or will Alice succeed in avoiding that sticky fate?
It's Yellow Rated, for language, and I MIGHT add some dirty scenes...I'm not sure how ya'll would like that though.


3. Chapter 2

"Then it's settled! The Amusement Park it is!"

Those words haunted my mind immensely. Thank goodness no one noticed my terror.

All I know is somehow i's going to wiggle myself out of going tomorrow. Even if it means playing sick.

"I'm hungry! Lets go eat somewhere!" Niall groaned.

"Me too!" Lily, of course, added.

Everyone agreed about their hunger.

"There's a nice place farther cross town, I recon we go there." Louis said. "It's not to fancy, but not trashy!"

"Sound's good to me!" Liam and Zayn both said...weird.

"As long as the food is edible I'm in." Niall said seriously. We all stared at him.

"What?!" His face went red realizing what he said. Suddenly we all broke out into a fit out laughter.

"Ohhh Nialler!" I laughed. He stuck his tongue out at me.

"Alright! Lets get ready to go!" Niall shouted running towards the elevator. Gosh, this boy and his food!
"Guys, I don't feel to swell. I think I'm going to stay back." I said, honestly.

"If you do, then none of us will go!" Zayn exclaimed.

"No really, it's fine. I'm just going to hit the hay! You guys go have fun!"

After a lot of arguing, I finally convinced them to go. I honestly don't feel up to going out tonight.

"If you stay back, I am." A deep voice sent goose bumps down my body. I just smiled weakly, knowing arguing would be useless.

Meanwhile, everyone was ready, told us goodbye, and headed out. Harry and I were sitting on the couch in his flat.

"So what shall we do?" Harry asked.

"Hmmm I don't know..."

"Lets bake a cake! I'm hungry!" He shouted running to the kitchen. I just laughed and followed him.

"Women! Get me the eggs!" He demanded while pouring the cake mix into a big bowl.

"HURRY IT UP!" He shouted as I looked through the fridge.

"Calm your tits boy! I'm gettin em!" I laughed.

"I do not have tits." He said slowly.

"MMMMMM fine MAN BOOBS!" I tried to contain my laughter.

"My man boobs are toned. And cannot be tamed, just like another part of my body. Particularly in the lower area." He winked.

"Naughty Harold, always thinking of the dirty." I scolded him.

"You know you want some!"

"Pfsss you wish Curly!" I laughed.

"When you're ready come and get it NA NA NA NA!" He shouted hip thrusting then twirling his baking apron in the air, how manly. I broke out into a fit of laughter at his failed attempt to sound like Selena Gomez.

"Come on I actually want some cake boy!" I demanded. "Now get back to work!"

"What if I don't?" He raised an eyebrow.

"I'll have Peter Pan take you to Captain Hook!"

"Oh no! I'll work! I'll work!" He pouted and quickly began making the batter.
"Good boy." I laughed sitting on the counter by where he was baking. "Now Chop, Chop! Mammas gettin hungry!"

"Then make it yourself!" He shouted.

"No. You make it!"

"That's not fair! You make it!"

"That's not fair either!" I shouted.

"Fine. Then I'll force you to make it!" He evilly grinned then pulled me off the counter and pushed me in front of him, back facing him. Then he grabbed my hand in his and forced it to stir the batter.

There we stood, hands together stirring the batter. I hate to say it, but it was actually kind of...nice? And I swear I felt Harry Jr. poking me...Harry must have forgot he was in his trunks still....Awkward.

"See that wasn't so hard was it, now?" Harry mumbled, turning me to face him once the batter was finished. Looking deep into each others eyes, we began to lean in. Our faces inches apart, his hot breath tickled my face. Soon enough, we found our lips touching, sending electricity through my body. The kiss soon began heating up, leading to me sitting on the counter, and Harry with his shirt off. Me obviously feeling his wonderful, amazing, and yet beautiful, mouth watering abs. Exploring my shirt, Harry was surely enjoying this as much as I was.

Several minutes later we pulled away, out of breath.

"Harry..." I said breathlessly. He just grinned and sat by me on the counter.

"I missed you Al."

"I missed you too Har Bear." I smiled, then remembered the cake batter. Suddenly an idea dawned on me.

"Harry...look!" I exclaimed pointing towards the door. Confused he looked over there. Quickly I grabbed the bowl and dumped the batter all over his chest/stomach area.

"You little shit!" He laughed. "I'm going to get you for this!"

Suddenly the bowl was ripped out of my hands and something ran down the front of my chest. That little shit dumped the rest of the batter down my shirt!

"Haaarrrryyy!!" I groaned.

"Haha! Payback!" He laughed.

"Oh. Its on Styles!" I laughed looking for my next weapon for attack. Although, as I turned around I saw Harry smirking holding a pitcher of tea.

"You wouldn't." I gasped.

"Oh but I would!" He smirked. Screaming I ran towards the upstairs, hiding myself in the first room I saw, which just so happened to be Harry's.








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