Till it happend

Maddie was just a normal girl. But she always has a bad dream every night it's was all of the same dream. She's always thinking like its gonna happen


11. the tour

after we got back from paris they had a tour to go to this time i was going to go with them. /niall/ kallie told me that she was going to go on the take me home tour because i was going to be gone for a long time. so we had to get our clothes washed and packed again and it was 4:00 so we all decided to go to mcdonlods for supper. i ordered for me and kallie. i ordered a salad for kallie for the baby and i ordered the same thing. we got our food and started to eat. when we got back i told the boys that i got engaged to kallie and she has a baby /louis/ well congrats man! shes a beautiful girl. /zayn/ wow that was quiet fast to already have a baby! but anyways congrats. /liam/ wow nice she is the girl for you! /harry/ oh,congrats man. /niall/ harry sounded a little upset! i guess he has feelings for her. but i guess she would never. /kallie/ ok im ready lets go! we left and got on the plane got there and into the hotel. i watched all of there concerts and then we went back home and it was a month before my due date. so i asked niall if he wanted to come and shop for baby stuff. /niall/ kallie asked me if i wanted to go shopping for baby stuff and so i told her sure! so we got in the car and was on the road a couple of minutes, then a car just comes crashing into us and we rolled about 3 times then we stopped rolling. i looked at kallie and she was just sitting there freaking out so i told her its all going to be ok. just then the ambulance got there and took kallie and took her to the hospital and they did the exact thing to me to.

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