Till it happend

Maddie was just a normal girl. But she always has a bad dream every night it's was all of the same dream. She's always thinking like its gonna happen


5. surprise!

kallies pov/ then when I took a closer look at him then I remembered he was my old old boyfriend! we broke up because he kept forcing me to go places with him! so I told him and he just went bonkers! so after he was done, he left. I was trying to find a way to escape. then I found a window and jumped out. I ran and ran and ran until I crashed into someone. / nialls pov/ hey! are you alright!? I asked her she was so beautiful! her eyes are so pretty! ( to self) /kallies pov/ ya tha....nks. when I heard that voice I knew who it was right away. it was nail horan from one direction! then he caught me blushing so he giggled1 shut up I tell him. /nialls pov/ I saw her blush so I laughed. she told me shut up but I just kept laughing. ( hey guys sorry the chapters are so short !) kalliespov/ oh my god your niall horan! im so sorry I crashed into you! / niall/ its ok(: yes I am niall horan and your beautiful!/ kallie/ to self / omg did he just tell me im beautiful/ niall/ so how come you were running? I asked her. she said well my mom is dieing so I have no place to go and my old boyfriend took me and ya. oh I understand, well you can come and stay with me! im on break. kallie/ ya I know that duh haha! /niall/ so you wanna go now? /kallie/ ya sure! where is your house? he said just around the corner. we talked to each other and I got to know so much more about him! /niall/ she was so beautiful! I have to have her. I just cant be away from her!. wha\en we got there I told the boys her name and all that stuff. /kallie/ the boys are so nice to me. it was a few weeks later and me and niall are now dating! /niall/ hey babe we have a interview today. you wanna come to it? she told me yes and she has to get ready! ok babe love you! I kissed her and she went off to get ready.

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