Till it happend

Maddie was just a normal girl. But she always has a bad dream every night it's was all of the same dream. She's always thinking like its gonna happen


10. paris

it was the day before we leave for paris we were done packing our clothes and got some money and put it in our bags and the we went to bed. then the next morning i woke up and saw it was 11:00 so we had a hour to get ready. i woke up niall and told him to wake up and get ready fast. he got dressed so did i i put some makeup on then then we left. when we arrivedwe gave them our tickets and then we borded the plane we were off and then we were in paris. the first thing we did is go get something to eat niall was starving! we went to nandos and ate. then we got a taxi and went to our hotel and then got our room and unpacked and it was about 6. /niall/ were alone now! when i was on the tour i got an engagment ring so i pulled it out and got on my knees and said will you marry me? /kallie/ yes yes yes yes yes i will! then we got on the bed and kissed and kissed the he started to pull off my shirt and my pants. now its my turn i did and he asked me if i wanted a baby? i said yes so he pulled my panties down and i pulled his boxers off and he pushed in to me i moaned and groaned and so did he we did that for about an hour. then i woke up to see he wasnt in the room he was in the shower and i opened the door and joined him he pushed into me again it felt so good he had a good pace. i was up agenced the wall. then we got out and i got dressed and we went around paris looked at some cool things and the last thing we did on the day was go on the iful tower. and the rest of the time we were in paris we just looked around and while we were there we went to the doctors to see if she was pregnant and she was and it was nialls baby! then we left paris and back home!

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