Till it happend

Maddie was just a normal girl. But she always has a bad dream every night it's was all of the same dream. She's always thinking like its gonna happen


1. Nightmare

Ok so I was just sleeping. Then I had a dream. I was sweating and breathing hard. Then I woke up! Then I thought to myself, it's never going to happen. So I just forgot about its and went back to sleep. Then I woke up next morning to the smell of bacon and eggs. So I went into the shower. After that I got dressed and put makeup, but not to much. Then I hear my mom scream. So I quickly went downstairs to see my mom. And I saw she cut her whole hand! So I called 911 and then I talked to them and there on there way. They got there and took her to the hospital. Then a couple of hours later they called the house and they told me that she lost a lot of blood. So she was going to be in the hospital for a long time. It was to long for me to stay by me self. So they told me I had to be in a foster home for a long time. So I packed my bags and then they came and picked me up. When I got the the building that looked weird. Then we stopped infront of the building! I said to my self I can't believe this is happening! The in person at the desk asked ma'am are you kallie? Then I said yes I am. Ok then follow me. 

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