Till it happend

Maddie was just a normal girl. But she always has a bad dream every night it's was all of the same dream. She's always thinking like its gonna happen


9. nialls birthday

when niall texted me on my new iphone 5 from niallbear: hey can you pick us up at the airport babe? to niallbear: ya be there in ten <3 when i got there i got a big kiss from niall! happy birthday honny! /niall/ i said thanks to kallie you remembered! /kallie/ of course i would remember your my boyfriend silly! on the way home i told everybody that we would be going out to eat tonight int he neatest resterount. so when we got home i called elearnor to come over to my house. when she got there we started to open presents first it was elearnor /niall/ i started to open it and from her i got a 500 doller giftcard for nandos i hugged her so much. then it was the lads it was all on present. it was a photo album of me and kallie together! then last of all was kallie. it was small so iwasnt really sure what it was i opened it and it was a brand new iphone 5! and there was a note in there that said in to weeks i have got us tickets to go to paris and a luxery bed room so we can have some alone time together! i was so excited and i couldnt wait to be alone with her!

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