Till it happend

Maddie was just a normal girl. But she always has a bad dream every night it's was all of the same dream. She's always thinking like its gonna happen


12. early arrival

/kallie/ all i here is beeping sounds then i open my eyes and see im in a hospital bed. then the doctor came in and i asked her what is going on!? /doctor/ look calm down, a car  crashed in to yours so your in the hospital and since your pregnant we have to have your baby born early. /kallie/ the doctor told me i had to have my baby early, so i told her ok anything to save my baby girl please. /niall/ i open my eyes and see there are neddles in my arm, then i thought where was kallie? i called the doctor and they came in and i asked them where is my fia`nce they told me she was in another room. well can i see her? i asked them, they said yes we just need to get you a wheel chair so they went and got one             /hey guys i will continue the chapter later <3 niallbear out/

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