Future Gladiator

Seventeen year old Burnet is brutally taken from her home to become the face of the Government Gladitorial Division. Her story will unravel both her past and her future and force her to make decisions with both consequences and rewards. Friends will become enemies and enemies may be the exact opposite of what they appear.


9. Wheat From the Chaff

Silence falls over the group of us assembled. We don’t know what to say. There isn’t much to say in fact, and I can’t even begin to fathom how they came up with this idea…Or how they found us.

A piercing scream suddenly tears through the air, soon joined by others. I turn quickly to see a small girl with ginger plaits drop to the floor convulsing, screaming at the stars. Then another falls, a small brown-haired mousy boy. Everyone starts falling, tremors racking their body, shrieks and screams mingling. I can feel the hairs on the back of my neck prickling painfully as I survey the sudden carnage. When I look over to where I had stood with Sirs I see that only he and Troja are left standing. Oh wait, Shell’s standing too.

“And that is how we sort the wheat from the chaff.” A huge man stands in front of us, watching us with an amused expression on his face as we reassemble ourselves. “Amazing what a high pitched sound can do to a person isn’t it?” Standing together in front of him I notice the small redhead with the plaits shivering in front of me. I pull her back into my arms and wrap my arms around her protectively. She looks up and smiles innocently though she can’t erase the fear on her face.  I’m quick to notice the raised eyebrows of the hulking figure stood before us. I refuse to look away from his predatory glare, no matter how much I may want to hide from his sight. I refuse to let him see how scared I am. Although, I admit that the sight of his broken nose is slightly intimidating on such a hefty figure. Slow and monotonous clapping breaks out before me as another man walks out of the shadows.

“It would appear that we have a strong one, ‘eh? Just what we need isn’t it Bollrocks?” He comes to stand behind the man we now know as Bollrocks, and points to me, “Your name girl?” He asks as he brings his face down level to mine.

I struggle to bring myself to look this new man in the face merely because of his extraordinary looks. High cheekbones take residence on the chiselled plane of his tanned face. His eyes seem to burn a hole through my head as he turns his piercing blue gaze on my own startled stare.

“Burnet,” I push out at last, “Burnet Fitzwilliam”

“Well Burnet, you’re just what we’re looking for. Not much of a looker compared to Blondie here,” He says throwing a wink at Shell, “But, you’ll do. You should come across well on camera at least with that tiny spark of strength, seeming you appear to be lacking in everything else.”

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