Future Gladiator

Seventeen year old Burnet is brutally taken from her home to become the face of the Government Gladitorial Division. Her story will unravel both her past and her future and force her to make decisions with both consequences and rewards. Friends will become enemies and enemies may be the exact opposite of what they appear.


6. Further Introductions

“Burnet this is Troja, Troja this is Burnet” Sirs introduces.

I quickly scan the boy Sirs gestures at. He’s tall, really tall. I can almost see him in a village surrounded by swooning girls. He’s quite handsome actually. His ebony skin seems to glisten in the sunlight but not in the angelic way that Sirs’ seems to. In fact Troja seems to me like one of those boys that have a dark side, and from the way he seems to be posing it wouldn’t surprise me if he uses his looks to his benefit as well.

“Burnet, such a beautiful name for a gorgeous girl”

And there you have it, my earlier suspicions confirmed.

“And this is Marting. He’s quite shy aren’t you Marting?” Sirs says, nodding towards another boy on Troja’s right.

I get a cursory nod from Marting. His blonde short hair draws the attention to his chiselled bone structure that sticks out sharply under his porcelain skin. All of the boys here seem to be good looking. How strange that this fact should stand out when I should be panicking about my upturned life.

“And finally, this is Shell, Shell Didier; she’s the only other girl here, apart from you of course.” I receive a friendly wink from Sirs as he gestures to a girl sat on the floor, her legs stretched out in front of her, exposing her tanned skin to the sun.

I realise how easy it is to talk to them all especially seems we’re all going to die soon from what I’ve heard about these places. But do these people actually know? They must have some suspicions; it’s not every day you get dragged from your home. No wonder everyone is so friendly and laid back, we’re all petrified but like me they aren’t going to let it show and we might as well be friendly, why cause more trouble for ourselves?

Then I look to Shell, and I take back everything I said about friendliness and companionship. Oh boy. I could have guessed she hated me without the derisive snort aimed in my direction after Sirs winked at me. This girl emanates hate for me. Her hair is dark blonde, her eyes a bright emerald green and her lips are pulled up in a sneer. She’s beautiful, but fortunately being the plain looking oddball girl in my class back home it means I’m used to the looks aimed my way. I’m way past the stage of jealousy, and then it hits me. She’s one of the girls from that group back home.

“It’s nice to meet you...again…Shell.” I force out with a sarcastic grin.

With a toss of her blonde hair she turns away from me and I turn to face Sirs. He raises an eyebrow at her retreating back and with fake arrogance strikes a ridiculous pose with his nose in the air and hand on his hip. I can’t help but laugh.

“Oh that is marvellous, I’m glad you’ve all got to know each other already.” A voice sneers from behind us.

I quickly turn in the sand and look around. Stood on a raised wooden platform in front of us stands a woman dressed all in black. She wears black thigh high boots, black fitted trousers, a black tank top and army-style vest. She is entirely covered in black garments that are decorated with buckles and studs of a metallic variety. A sharp black bob finishes off the impression I’m sure she was aiming to give when she introduced herself. She looks fierce, dangerous, but it’s more than that. She looks unforgiving.

She’s got to be one of the Dominants I’ve heard about.

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